The 5 Most Embarrasing Moments Of Nintendo's E3 Conference

Wii Sports is, pack-in or not, the single biggest game in the Wii's library. Heck, for many Wii owners, it's probably the only game in their collection. So the sequel had better be good.

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skillednutter3776d ago

we could easy have a list of the top 100 from that one conference alone.

and Wii Music will never match Rockband or Guitar Hero World Tour and infact Wii Music will cost more,

The demo had:

The Game £30
5 wii motes £25 Each
3 Knunchucks £15 Each
Wii Balance Board £70

Not to mention a cameo apperence by M Night Shyamalan = Priceless

gaffyh3776d ago

The biggest fail was the conference being mainly presented by that stupid woman rather than Reggie.

Bloodwar3775d ago

"Research into toddler market research and adult diapers!" LOL

"Sony and Microsoft could’ve just bricked into each others coffees and they still would’ve won by default!!!" OMG ROFL

I almost bricked my pants. HAHAHA!!!

I guess I am glad I don't own a Wii. It means I am not under 10 or well over 90. hehe

thePatriot3775d ago

she was talking to the audience like they were children. I was expecting her to pauze the conference so they could all take a nap

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Boom3776d ago

I think the most embarrassing part was the end when all the middle aged men and women were dancing and playing Wii music..

tojfs79313775d ago

pretending like they were actually having a good time playing it.

tweaker3776d ago

Miyamoto entering the stage pretending to play an instrument and holding the Wiimote in front of his mouth was pretty embarrassing to me. In fact the entire WiiMusic presentation was pretty embarrassing.

Omega43776d ago

how about the part when no one in the audience left when the woman started showing her family photos

chasuk083776d ago

The whole nintendo conference was nothing short of a shambles

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The story is too old to be commented.