Three things you hate about Destiny (are psychological tricks that keep you playing)

"Destiny is the most expensive game ever made, and one of the most successful games of all time. It’s also controversial. No one hates Destiny as much as a Destiny fan. And I am one of them." says GlitchFreeGaming

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Elda1095d ago

Just got to level 31,after the weekend passes I think I'll give it a rest until The House of Wolves dlc is released.

spicelicka1095d ago

Great article! Exactly my gripes with this game. I loved it when I played it but when I stopped playing I just don't feel like going back unless there's something new. I haven't touched it in months, because I know when I start I'll have to grind through the same missions over and over again to get anywhere. Only think I can play is PVP.

I just wish it was a more complete experience.

Septic1095d ago

Yeah amazing article and spot on. Excellent point regarding the loading screen.

(author if you're reading this, come join gameondaily lol)

Val1s1095d ago

"Hey drunk guy, want some wine?" ;)

Thanks though!

maybelovehate1095d ago

I don't know, I just think it has really fun game-play. Especially co-op. I am not playing for loot or materials anymore, just for fun.

Plus they changed the loot scarcity system. I remember it taking months to get all the gear for Vault of Glass, but I had the full raid set for Crota in 2 weeks.

GameSpawn1095d ago

This has always been my approach to Destiny. I have never actively tried to get anything that I have. I just played to play and the only farming I have ever done is (1) enemy farming to finish a bounty or patrol mission (think Overcharge) and (2) resource farming by using chest circle runs to get enough weapon parts, armor parts, and planet specific material to upgrade my stuff (yes I could buy some stuff for marks, but I'd rather spend those on the occasional weapon or armor piece that comes up).

Now that I have three level 31 characters I do try and run the Weekly Heroic Strike each week just to net an easy 27 coins. I don't try and rely on Xur, but if I have the coins and he is selling something I'd like to collect then so be it, but I'm not going to complain if he isn't selling something I want, because I'm not that focused on it to even care and I'll just have more coins to spend on something else some other time.

maybelovehate1095d ago

Exactly. It is fun to get new gear but it isn't the reason I play. I just play because it is fun. I especially enjoy the Hunter and Titan, they totally nailed the gameplay on those two. The gunplay, the supers, the jumping.. it all just feels so perfect. Makes it hard for me to play other FPS's now haha.

Palitera1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

I was on this cycle for months. Than they blocked core vanilla content to non DLC gamers and it was so dirty that even addicted I quit.

Too much toxic business to me. But as Bungictivision is watching, other devs also are, so expect the full influence of one of the biggest scams ever to be fulfilled in one year, when devs adapt their products to the reality that they don't need to offer content, variation, storytelling, fair practices etc as long as they have the most expensive marketing possible.

Destiny took it to a new extreme and is a record breaker since before anyone played it.

(PS: as much as COD DLC packs still rule DLC pricing and content, see what Destiny will do to gaming)

Tex1171095d ago

Yeah, we can all talk about the psychology of it. If you are one of those unfortunate souls who wants ONE single exotic to drop, then god have mercy on your soul. The obsessive playing to get that one drop can be overwhelming.

(On a side note, the article mentions ghorn. Not only it is a very effective weapon, it is almost a prerequisite for many LFG posts, so it can greatly effect your ability to hop on teams thus raising its status even further).

All that said, In the end, Destiny is a rock solid console shooter that is a ton of fun to play with friends and/or hop on LFG groups for raids and nightfalls. Without those two components, the psychology stuff doesn't matter.

GameSpawn1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

And that is a sad realization. Without the Gjally you are essentially blacklisted from many decent raid groups on the LFGs. I'll admit having 2-3 people with a Gjally can really help the raids go by MUCH faster, but even Truth or any launcher with tracking will work fine, but Gjally is like a big red baboon ass that makes your LFG post stand out.

Sadly if you don't have one and can't get into the raid groups for those Exotic drop chances (VERY low chance) you have to rely on Roc Strike lists, Nightfall Strikes, and the Crucible to even begin to have a chance of getting one and your chances are just as low using these methods (though supposedly many people have gotten their Gjallys through the Crucible, but I imagine they played TONS of PvP rounds).

When you think about it PvP is the faster way to go as you roll for an Exotic (and TONS of other crap) every 5-10 minutes (the average length of a match), but you are again at the mercy of RNG. Roc Strikes will give you less garbage (you'll at least get blue engrams to boost your Cryptarch rank), but these can take 15-30 minutes each and statistics have shown it takes 40-50 strikes before you'll even see an exotic reward.

I really wish I had a Gjally, but I'm just going to play the game and not focus on just one thing. If I get blessed by RNG and happen to get one, then happy day (I might actually use the share button) but until then I'll enjoy the game for what it of the smoothest FPS's I've ever played.

rezzah1094d ago

The thing about the horn, once I got it, is that it makes everything very easy. The challenge gets thrown right out the window. Since the pace of everything quickens you find yourself with more time on your hands, probably deciding to grind even more.

It makes you realise how dull the game can be due to a lack of content.

Soon after obtaining it and almost maxing it I stopped playing Destiny weekly.