Destiny, hidden hints in House of Wolves are confirming the upcoming "Year 2" Comet super expansion?

Some House of Wolves images from yesterday's streaming are hinting at the upcoming Comet super expansion that should mark the beginning of "Year 2" with loads of content.

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ScorpiusX1158d ago

Hopefully year 2 is way better than year one .

iKenny1158d ago

Tell me about it, cause year one sucked balls!

Menkyo1158d ago

Only if they ditch last gen.

IcicleTrepan1158d ago

All it means is they intend on having more expansions in the future but it does not guarantee 'comet' or any other rumored expansion.

In other words, nothing to see here as it's obvious they will be coming out with more expansions. The article is click bait based on a single screenshot.

Menkyo1158d ago

The comet packs aren't rumors as they're part of Bungie's contract with Activision.

ceejaa1158d ago

Just more of the game unlocked prolly

Baka-akaB1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

"Super" expansion ? While i love the game at core , there hasnt even been anything worth to be called a regular expansion yet . Just a map pack with a few missions at outrageous prices .

So i wonder what qualifies as "super" .

Sevir1157d ago

yes buying them separately is indeed more expensive, but even bungie, acti and Sony said itd be best to get the season pass as it cheaper than buying both separately... if you bought the digital gardians or the limited edition they came with both for $80 considering both expansions cost $30

I'll be really interested in seeing what they have prepared for the Comet Release as its surely to encompass a great deal of content and introduce new mechanics and features. which should lead into 2016 inevitable Destiny 2

Baka-akaB1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

even with the pass it's simply not worth it , and the amount of content proposed so far is ridiculous .

Even if it's not technically a mmo , people expect mmo , even mmo-lite level content or at least expansions that feel like expansions . And right now they are barely keeping up with the popular fps and their dlcs map packs .

Some of us fans give them a pass the first time , telling themselves a bunch of excuses like "well last time was their first dlc , they didnt have time yet to adjust , they'll do better next time" ... and here we are with a second pack even missing a raid and still no real turnaround for those that gave up .

It's even worse to look at , if you give credit to the leaks , rumours and hints pointing out to the current content that is drip fed even being content simply removed from the game

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