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YodaCracker1181d ago

It's really annoying how short the load times are. I can't even finish reading the item descriptions!


Letthewookiewin1181d ago

Noooo! I need time to sit there and think about what I've done!!!

CernaML1181d ago

YES. Finally time to get back into it.

krouse931181d ago

Same here, this is what I've been waiting for... Tried it out this morning and it makes the game much more enjoyable!

Perjoss1181d ago

In a typical 2 hour session I only ever saw 3 or 4 loading screens so its never really bothered me, but any improvement is welcome as long as they didn't downgrade or unintentionally break anything in the process.

Genova841181d ago

1-2 load screens an hour? Really? I get that there's a lot to do in between lamps, but once I get enough blood to level up I'm generally going back to the dream. That's a minimum of 2 load screens. 1 to the dream and then 1 back to the game. Also if we're talking a 2 hour session, you have initial load in the dream, and then the load to wherever you decided to go. Basically, youre saying "I never die or return to hunter's dream." I don't believe you.

Perjoss1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

"once I get enough blood to level up I'm generally going back to the dream"

You play differently to me, the game feels more risky the more echoes you hold onto and I prefer it that way. I have not yet completed the game so when I explore a new area for the first I take it slow and make sure I don't miss anything, also I don't just rush into enemies and spam R1, I prefer to test them out and see their move sets, what can I say I just play carefully as I don't like dying, its why I'm at almost 60 hours and not finished the main game yet.

Bolts1181d ago

They delivered a patch...

MyDietEqualsGames1181d ago

They fixed things that needed fixing and was a concern for the vocal majority. A great patch indeed. Its time to fire it up and finish ng+++.

MasterCornholio1181d ago

Nice that they were able to reduce the load times.


And the loading screen change was a nice touch as well. I wonder how performance improved with the patch?

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