Sony (SCEA) On Hiring Spree For 'Playstation Now'; Possibly Expanding Service

Sony Computer Entertainment has put up a bunch of jobs at Gaikai for their game streaming service 'Playstation Now'. The hiring spree might well mean that Sony is expanding its PS Now services.

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VER1ON1062d ago

Proabably their Experia phones

fayz1062d ago

the service has potential ONLY if you could stream next gen games to any device

but for now its a rip off & if people really wanted to play old games they would buy a ps3 or ps2.

brisdevil1062d ago

Not my case at all. Can't wait for PS Now to come to EU.

spacedelete1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

i hope they release a PS1 and 2 emulator and let us use our discs because they couldn't even get any worthwhile games on PS3 classics section other than Disney games. there was GTA games but those should have been remastered instead. it would be stupid to waste bandwitch on PS1 and PS2 games.

Ultr1062d ago

The goal is to have everything on it. So there is nothing wasted

VER1ON1062d ago

Perhaps increasing the workforce will do exactly that :) Let's hope it will since I really want to play some PS1 classics!

KentBlake1062d ago

They should make it available worldwide.

JMaine5181062d ago

Ps1 and Ps2 games and I'll subscribe forever

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