It’s Plain Weird to Feel Real Love for a Video Game Character

It's great that video game avatars are becoming ever more diverse – but if you're developing a serious crush on one, maybe consider a new hobby.

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ArchangelMike908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

Ok, so the original Guardian Article is not that bad, and is actually less about feeling "real love" for video game characters, and more about how many female video game characters are out there who are more than just "tits and ass" - with guns.

Basically how many female video game characters are holisticlally designed without sexualisation. How many are designed to be independent and intelligent - without the feminist overtones. There are very few that are not treated as sexualised damsels who are either mad, bad or sad.

I think some of the best devs for depicting well rounded non-sexualised female characters in games are Bioware, and Naughty Dog. Characters like Liara T'soni (Mass Effect) and Cassandra Penteghast (Dragon Age). Or Cloe/Eleana (Uncharted) and Ellie (TLOU).

I have to confess though, I still have a massive crush on Liara.

lilmisscherry908d ago

You have a massive crush on a blue alien with a bobbly head :P

700p908d ago

lmfao that's sad he has a cruah on a alien in a videogame lmaoooo

saber00005908d ago

Guilty here! That at Tali lol!

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Number-Nine908d ago

Cloe was sexualized. Not as blatant but the camera was always on her ass

MasterCornholio908d ago

Well that's why they made it so big.


Hayabusa 117908d ago

So it's ok for all the male characters to be mad, bad, emotionally stunted brick, but when a female is mad or bad, it's (implied) sexism?

News flash people: most interesting characters are either mad,bad, or sad because it makes them interesting CHARACTERS. This applies to any character whether they are men, women, cats, dogs, Elite, Worms, Greek gods or whatever. It's story telling 101.

ArchangelMike908d ago

The argument is not that it is ok for men to be "mad. bad or sad".

It is that becasue we have such a large pool of male characters, you have lots of examples of male game characters that are very well written, rounded characers. The same cannot be said for the female counter part - who are usually just sexualised... becasue you know.. "guys love sexualised women" so what's wrong with that!!!!

rainslacker906d ago


No, it means people ignore the examples that are out there to make the arguments that you are making.

Why they ignore these examples I dunno. It would seem shining a light on the good ones would only serve to promote the existence of even more of them...just like when well written male characters are talked favorably upon, and then other devs strive to match or exceed that.

In this matter, you either focus on the negative, or the positive, but do yourself a favor and leave the sexism out of it.

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G3n3raL86908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

It should be like this:

It’s Natural to Feel Real Love for a Video Game Character.

And that's that. I'm not the first nor the last, so...

ThunderPulse908d ago

I love Riley from CoD:ghosts.

rainslacker906d ago

I've felt that way going to anime conventions at times.:)

KryptoniteTail908d ago

This article is stupid. It's not "objectifying" women to be attracted to them for God' s sake, wake up you politically correct sheep.

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