Shovel Knight Now Available On PSN In Europe

Explosion:" Shovel Knight, the platform game developed by Yacht Club Games released last year on Wii U, 3DS and PC, is now available for purchase on PSN in Europe."

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Geobros1066d ago

Finally! I dont understand why has been delayed for 1 day, company had announced a Wednesday release, not Thursday for Europe.

chrisco84au1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

I'm pretty pumped for this game, have heard great things about it. Rarely a bad word, which is VERY rare these days for a small non AAA game (not knocking small/indie games, they have been the most enjoyable this gen bar the very rare AAA game, look across mpthe room at Bloodborne)

I'm just cautious about dropping $20 on it when it might hit ps+ in 6 months.

Hanso1065d ago

its 13,49€ in Germany
I played the first 2 stages yesterday and really liked it. Reminds me of my SNES Days.
Also 3 free DLC Campaigns will be added soon.