Amiibo Tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Hits Has Highlights From 30 Titles

Nintendo has plans to use amiibos as a key to play demos of classic NES and Super NES games through amiibo Tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Hits. When you tap an amiibo you’ll get a random three minute highlight, but the game you get to try is random. That means a Shulk amiibo could bring players to a scene from Wario Woods and a Mario amiibo might have a Super Metroid preview.

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godmachine1179d ago

they should have always included a FULL random vc game. since most are kinda overpriced for the digital age..and make that part of the draw ...... like say your new amiibo just unlocked mario galaxy 2 for example as a top tier prize i know my brain would justify the purchase of more amiibos even though they arent that useful yet because hell im getting a game out of it to...even good old nes would suck me in to buying more then just the 2 i have and always will only have 2