Will we ever be free of the 'my resolution/fps is bigger than yours' debate?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Microsoft's Witcher 3 video blunder highlights the fact that the PC version of (games) Witcher 3 will look better than the console versions.

But should it matter so much?

We take a look when it should matter and when it is a pointless argument."

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Sillicur1035d ago

Excellent read and very good points! Personally i cant even see the difference between 1080 and 900p anyway. It shouldnt matter if someone else experiences 1080p on the PS4 while you are on a Xbox One at 900p in a certian game. If you enjoy the game, why does it matter!?

lord zaid1035d ago

The problem is that no one piece of tech has a clear cut advantage over another, so people are always scrabbling for the littlest thing to prove their purchase was superior to someone elses.

Its a stupid pissing contest

plut0nash1034d ago

What you mean is that Xbox One is better than PS4 is better than Xbox One is better than PC and therefore all can play games and have fanboys.

Thatguy-3101035d ago

With console wars going on I highly doubt it. There are arguments made over sales, exclusives, DlC exclusives, fps/resolution and heck even who has marketing rights to promote said game. Every new generation brings something new to the table to brag about.

CongoKyle1035d ago

Buy a PC, you'll never have to have this debate again, or care enough to consider those who do.

[inserts pc master race conclusion]

SonZeRo1035d ago

This will never stop, even if PS4,XBone and PC had the same games with the same fps and resolution there would still be this debate as someone will find which of the 3 devices was the limiting factor and that would become the next point to argue about.