The Paranoid Gamer: Star Wars Battlefront First Look Preview

The Paranoid Gamer has an official look at the Star Wars Battlefront behind-closed-doors demo preview from Star Wars Celebration 2015.

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gbonez1038d ago

i dont understand why this gameplay demo is behind closed doors. People want more than anything to see what the game looks like in action. Maybe DICE wants to show a more completed product than alpha footage? but they also claim the cinematic trailer we saw is what the game actually looks like ..... so why not give reveal that? even if it is more or less scripted gameplay like most fps shooter trailers are its still better than a rendered engine cinematic

utjeff3161038d ago

This was pre-Alpha according to DICE. This was specifically set up for a big screen presentation, and they are probably just concerned about controlling what viewers see if they are not ready for gamers to see the footage yet.