Will Batman: Arkham Knight Have Microtransactions?

AOTF Writes: "Batman: Arkham Knight is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases of the last few years and the wait will finally be over when it releases on June 23. The publisher behind the game is that of WB Games, who also published the recently released Mortal Kombat X. With Batman: Arkham Knight coming from the same publisher, should we be worried that this terrible trend in gaming will tarnish what is expected to be one of the best games of 2015?"

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HaveSumNuts1187d ago

Rocksteady announced Harley Quinn as a pre order only bonus character before any proper gameplay was shown. MKX did the same thing with Goro. Based on that it wouldn't be too hard to figure out that there's going micro transactions and dlc possibly day one.

Crimzon1187d ago

Didn't they do the same thing with Arkham City? I think the preorder bonus for that was Catwoman.

I don't think that this is any indication that Arkham Knight will have microtransactions to be honest, but that also doesn't excuse the fact that preorder bonuses are anti-consumer. The sooner stuff like this goes away the better. It probably never will though, since gamers really can't help themselves.

Mikelarry1187d ago

lol i can see it now micro-transactions for easy enemy take down and those who aren't bothered by the easy fatality in MKX will respond with "well they have already beaten the bad guys, easily taking them down does not affect me"

lelo2play1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

"Will Batman: Arkham Knight Have Microtransactions?"

As long as I can play the game from begging to finish, I couldn't care less about microtransactions. I never purchase microtransactions and I'm not going to start now.

Professor_K1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Nowadays...its inevitable

mad-dog1187d ago

ofcourse it will.
And as always: not buying them.

chrissx1187d ago

That's the stupid latest trend these days. I'm sure it will

Toiletsteak1187d ago

I really don't care, i never buy microtransactions but it doesn't stop me from buying a game i want, Batman looks amazing and i can't wait to play it, i would have liked the collection to come out before the new one though so i could get a refresher on the story.

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