First Stryke: Goat Simulator Gameplay - How Fun Can "Dumb Fun" Be? Play As A Goat To Find Out

A Short Pause member tries out Double Eleven's completely absurd, but undeniably fun, Goat Simulator on the Xbox One.

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Carswell911d ago

Who would have thought that a ridiculous idea could be transformed into something so popular and now being ported on every possible platform. Not that I mind it at all. ;)

Akira2020911d ago

Wow, this guy's voice could put the dead to sleep.

910d ago
Vyprstryke910d ago

to be fair, I was rather sick when I recorded this lol

Akira2020910d ago

No worries dude, my voice can make a woman's ovaries drop.

Vyprstryke907d ago

Hahah maybe you should record the v/o on these =p