Check Out These Incredible New Xenoblade Chronicles X Screens

Hardcore Gamer: Like most of the gaming world, we absolutely can't wait to get our hands on Xenoblade Chronicles X. Those lucky enough to live in Japan will have that opportunity next week, but us westerners are still living without a release date. To tide you over (or completely engulf you in envy), Monolith Soft has released the latest set of screenshots from the upcoming Wii U exclusive. As has become the norm, they're positively breathtaking.

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ValKilmer1181d ago

This game is starting to scratch me in all the right places.

GOTY contender? I think so.

Edward751181d ago

This is the rpg I'm looking forward to get the most this year. Added 4 player co-op, and 32 player trading (some type of 32 player thing) it very well could be game of the year. It looks amazing. Day one pick up for any rpg fan.

gameboy11181d ago

Best graphics this gen....

DeusEx-Machina1180d ago

Let's say it has an extremely appealing 'visual design'

gameboy11180d ago

It's not simple having transformable mechs with high poly counts in real time while in 4 players co-op in a game world like that mate.

wonderfulmonkeyman1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

The variety of fauna they've crammed into this title is absolutely staggering.
Many of them are the kinds of creatures I only get to see in either my favorite fantasy books, or my wildest daydreams...
Imagine what they could have done if they had opted for a dual-layered disk, or two disks instead of one!
Hard to believe they managed to get all of this into one Wii U disk. That's some crazy compression magic right there!

rawrock1180d ago

Definitely picking this one up. I just picked up Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, which is great but hard for me to play with the small buttons and small screen. Looking forwrad to X.

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