Nintendo Makes Awkward Typo..

Oops! Someone screwed up on Nintendo's Twitter!

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Relientk77909d ago

Nintendo were just trying to gain a broader audience

Relientk77909d ago

Someone tweeted

"#WiggerWednesday is probably the best thing Nintendo has done since Ocarina of Time."


MSBAUSTX909d ago

Very do I type LOL and I Actually Laugh Out Loud. This time I actually did. Bery funny tweet. Bubbles

Testfire909d ago

Makes me wonder if the guy/gal who tweeted that had wigger in their dictionary, it should have been auto corrected if not.

SpiralTear909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

Has Nintendo been taking advertising lessons from Sony? *recalls the squirrels*

Seriously, though, Nintendo; check your tweet before posting.

wonderfulmonkeyman909d ago

The what, now?
I think we're gonna need a link to this Squirrel you speak of...

Swiggins909d ago

This, it was an early ad for the PSP featuring two squirrels speaking like black stereotypes.

fattyuk909d ago

why have i never seen that advert before!

that was briliant

SpiralTear908d ago

And don't get me started on the fuzzballs...PSP ads were consistent in their "quality."

SilentNegotiator908d ago

Well that's a weird/unfitting comparison...

KwietStorm908d ago

He saw Wigger, so he thought of the "black" squirrels. It's only a fitting comparison to certain people.

ChiliPants908d ago

who fucking cares? simple typo mistake and people these days are still so bent out of shape about political correctness and propriety on a idiotic social media platform that lets you blurt out bs in 140 characters like a caveman that its a thing too take "seriously." fuck!

AD705909d ago

The whole post is just weird and awkward. Is Waluigi having sex with that thing?

909d ago
Dasteru909d ago

It is a contraction of white and the N word for someone who is half/half.

Spotie909d ago

For someone who looks white and acts "black."

iTechHeads909d ago

I've never heard that before. Must not be a very popular phase.

SilentNegotiator908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

Please stay off of UrbanDictionary, Dasteru. Please. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.