The Hopes And Dreams Of A New Era Rest On The Witcher 3?

With so many big-name titles falling shy of our wildest expectations, can The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt finally satisfy our fondest gaming desires?

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Jaqen_Hghar1066d ago

If you can't play Bloodborne sure. Seriously a man has had plenty of fun this gen especially with the consoles being so young. This is the year that equates to 2008 last gen. Compare where we were then to where we are now and you'll see this gen doing just fine.

Snookies121066d ago

Bloodborne was absolutely wonderful, tons of hype and it lived up to it all the way. So looking forward to Witcher 3 as well though! I think this is going to be another winner! Going to pre-order it soon here.

bouzebbal1066d ago

the title is desperate..
if the author cannot appreciate any game so far then he has a problem and he should change hobby, literally!
Speaking of PS4 and Wii U cause i dont have an xbox one, i had a great time playing Driveclub, Bloodborne, inFamous, Knack, LBP3, Captain Toad, Mario 3D world, Pikmin 3, Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8...

Saijahn1066d ago

There hasn't been an absolute must have game this gen so far. Everything has been mediocre honestly, especially the multiplat offerings. Bloodborne was the first game that was worthy of a console purchase, but it caters to a specific audience. It's not a game that I would play nor anyone I know besides my brother. But I definitely applaud the effort and scores.

The Witcher 3 is the first multiplat this gen that will be a must have on every platform. It will definitely be in the running for GOTY.

Massive world, improved gameplay and amazing definitely gets my vote.

robtion1066d ago

Yes Bloodborne! The Witcher 3 looks great and I look forward to it but Bloodborne is amazing and is the game to beat gen so far.

Top 5 this gen (no remasters)
1: Bloodborne.
2: Dragon Age Inquisition.
3: Alien Isolation.
4: Sunset Overdrive.
5: Wolfenstein The New Order.

ninsigma1066d ago

I would put ori as 2nd for this gen. Incredible game.

This gen has been great for me so I'm not putting all my hopes on witcher because I don't need to.

I am psyched for it though. Just bought a second 970 for this and batman, can't wait to plug it in and see how incredible the witcher looks! 1080p unfortunately but will look great non the less.

robtion1066d ago

@ninsigma Haven't got around to Ori, looks cool though. I only count full games though, Indies get their own list. Don't get me wrong, plenty of great Indies but not fair to compare Indies to full retail releases.

ninsigma1066d ago

If you get a chance, def give it a go. I couldn't recommend it more.

I get what you're saying, while there some great indies out there some of them don't have quite the same scope as bigger budget games but I felt that ori can fit in with the big games easily. It's not even just it's story but it has great challenging gameplay and it's great to see a platformer, God knows there isn't enough of them anymore. I doesnt get stale either as it adds new abilities to keep changing things up and the world is beautiful. I have no problem putting it up there with the likes of bloodborne :D

Moldiver1066d ago

@robtion I agree with the games (though in no particular order). I would also add the following for me:

FM5:I dont care that it was a cut down lunch title, that didnt make the best use of the hardware at the time. It still feels like forza and the car handling is still godly.

FH2: Best racing game of this gen so far. period.

Infamous:SS : I dont care that its not as good as the first or second. Its a solid game and worthy entry to the series and was one of those games that made me say..."yep...this looks next gen."

Ori, Velocity, super time force and hotline miami have all been a blast. And neverwinter has been of a sleeper hit for X1 I think. I cant get enough of that game.

I love BF4 and hardline. I loved halo:TMCC especially once online started to actually work properly (still needs work on speeding up matchmaking, but it deffo works as it should now). Styx was another game I liked. And shadow of mordor. And farcry 4.

When people say this console cycle has been disapointing I half agree. Yeah the hardware in both consoles should be more powerful. Especially in xbox one ( MS will NEVER let that happen again, mark my words). But the games on both so far have been good. I am not complaining at all, aside from the technical limits,which we just have to live with at this point, (but I have a PC anyway, so I am not limited to consoles limits ).

with all that said, the games have been good and they will get even better.

robtion1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

@ninsigma: Sounds good, I will definitely give Ori a try then. I like the art design.

@Moldiver Yep, lots of good games you mention there. Second Son was good, just not compared to the previous games for their time. Hotline Miami is one of my favourite Indies, great music. I like Styx too, reminds me of old Tenchu and Theif games. And how could I forget Shadow of Mordor, awesome game, definitely fits in my list there somewhere ;)

Jaqen_Hghar1066d ago

For a man and excluding remasters he'd go
1. Far Cry 4
2. Infamous Second Son
3. Resogun
4. The Order 1886
5. Shadow of Mordor

robtion1065d ago

@Jaqen_Hghar A man has good taste ;) I didn't include Resogun as I count it as an indie/downloadable so it goes on its own list. I forgot about The Order 1886. Really enjoyed that game, still have to play it again and try out the photo mode.

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slappy5081066d ago

This title is a bit over dramatic don't ya think?

robtion1066d ago

Gotta get clicks somehow. Seeing as quality writing seems like too much hard work sensationalism is a good plan B.

hells_supernova1066d ago

Let's not put all of our hopes on one game. What if people don't like RPG why would their hopes be on the witcher

Stupid media hope trains building up peoples expectations

Fallen861066d ago

The only rpg i have playd true years are final fantasy from ps1 ps2 lmao.. and witcher 2 on 360. And i fucking loved the witcher 2. A Great game/story and quest's. So i am not a person that love rpg games.not at all.but after witcher 2, maby i have been converted to rpg games.This is my type of game. 100%. And the books/comics: the witcher house of glass are amazing. I know this , i will use 500+hr or more on this. so much to do.

Hasswell-NeverCold1066d ago

There's also second game which shares the burden a bit. Phantom pain. Good year for sure. Finally I can play metal gear on PC again.

They'll hype the games so much nowadays, like years before that it is impossible to meet all the high hopes.
When the game will get released people will like it or not then they will start waiting the next hyped up game and hoping that perhaps that game is the answer to all of our problems. =)

Fro_xoxo1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Well, There were similar articles about Bloodborne before it released. Those articles were acceptable then, why not now?

There's always an article like this for the next AAA game releasing.

They are all absurd.

P.S I'm looking forward to Wild Hunt as much as you.

OB1Biker1066d ago

Next 'saviour' is Batman AK /s

Lazy journalism

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