Sakurai talks a bit about Smash Bros. DLC

It’s a huge undertaking to create a fighter, so I think we can’t make them in large quantities. I’d also like to feel refreshed when the project is over. However, since we have decided to tackle [DLC] once, I’d like to offer as much fun [content] as possible. It will take a while from now, but please look forward to it.

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WombBat1130d ago

Isaac! Isaac! Isaac!
Our Sun will rise again.

ZeekQuattro1130d ago

Always used him more than Marth. Roy was more my style. Plus I liked the chant. lol

KryptoniteTail1130d ago

I hope they bring back all the oldies from SSBM/B and include Isaac, Ninten, Kyle Hyde, Stanley, Goku (I can dream), and Toad.

Kalebninja1130d ago

Captain n's chance is now!

wonderfulmonkeyman1130d ago

I'm personally hoping the Ryu rumor is true.
My favorite Street Fighter aside from Chung-Li, for his theme song if not his overall bad-assness.

Solid_Penguin-641130d ago

Guiles theme is better, goes with everything. Like guiles theme on toast, strictly come guiles theme, avengers: age of guiles theme...