Resistance 2 Bringing 44 Magnum Bombs

Just out of of a Resistance 2 session with Insomniac boss Ted Price. Showed the game's intro, which picks up where Resistance 1 left off. The sequel features new lighting and new motion capture along with more detailed textures. The game kicks off in Iceland and then by the second level takes players through the streets of San Francisco. Players are joined by three sentinels who help fight and tell the story since the voice over narration from Resistance 1 has been dropped. That should help players learn more about main character Nathan Hale.

"We've really upped the gore," says Price. It's possible to blow off arms, legs and heads.

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Fishy Fingers3802d ago

Blowing off limbs.... every gun totting boys dream :)

BulletToothtony3802d ago

lol i know it was a bad move being that they were so expensive, but yeah we as "boys" always like seeing crap getting blown apart.

Resistance is impressive all of us daily.. FPS of the year hands down!!

Bazookajoe_833802d ago

Yes gears was the first game ever to have blow of limbs and have a cover system. It is actually the first game where you shoot people ;-)

AuburnTiger3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

It's also a known fact that Gears was the first to have the character strafe left/right, one-handed pistols, monsters coming up from the ground(and people think zombie's was the first to start that) and putting a doo rag a man's head.

Panthers3802d ago

Please... Gears was the first game ever. Everyone is copying them.

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micro_invader3802d ago

Yay Gore! I want to shred those chimera to bits :)

nomad1173802d ago

Yay GORE! I want to shred those humans to bits :O)

Doppy3802d ago

They should have showed this in the demo.

lemon juice3802d ago


Since when? WTF show us dammit! >_<

ER1X3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Most of the stuff in the article is known, but, I hadn't read anything about upping the gore til seeing this. I hope they don't get too gorey, but, at the same time it needs to look realistic. I'm sure they'll get it right. Can't wait to pop someone's head off lol.

They are being tight lipped about a lot of stuff.

Bazookajoe_833802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Why didnt i know that!!!! Is this the first time they are coming forward with this? Gory games is one of those things that keeps you from jumping of buildings =)

ER1X: You just saved my day buddy, thanks for posting this article =)

ER1X3802d ago

Yesterday was the first time it had been announcecd.

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The story is too old to be commented.