Xbox 360: Metal Gear Solid 4 - Clue Spotting

Rumour and speculation are already rife in the video game news-a-sphere regarding the number two plus the number two being put together in order to create... 22. Following Square Enix's announcement that the latest iteration of its revered Final Fantasy IP will be released in the west on both Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 - reports are already emerging that Metal Gear Solid IV will be next...

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Sez 3803d ago

honestly. i hope they don't put it on the 360. unless they cut out alot of the movie or add alot more game-play to the game for me to even want to play it again. once was enuff for me.

VeryangryBot3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

proves that this game will never hit the 360.

Sony paid for advertisement cost but in reality its just Sony licensing the game. This game is written in black and white to be PS3 exclusive. So forget about it ever being ported.

It sometimes feels like people are in stinkin denial. If we were to believe these delusional people, MGS4 would have been announced on the 360 since 2006! Thats 2 years ago. People who bought a 360 then, would have waited 2 years and there still is no MGS4.

So you are either a smart guy who purchased MGS4 for PS3 or you are a dumb guy buying a 360 waiting for MGS4.

Which is it going to be?


You can tell that you are just trolling and being very bad at it.
If this game is written on a piece of paper in black and white inkt that is PS3 exclusive, than sane people would call that a "contract". If it is contract bound, than it would never come. So knowing this, than WHY are you still implying that a "new" and updated MGS4.5 would come over. If thats not in DENIAL, than what is?

And FYI, 360 can barely run MGS3, let alone MGS4.

truth for gamers3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

@ 1.1

you never know, they could make a MGS 4.5 for the 360 just like ninja gaiden sigma was done for the ps3.

@ above

If the 360 can do Resident evil 5 (which looks better than MGS4 IMO) it can do MGS4

gaffyh3803d ago

It doesn't really matter anymore, even if the game is coming out for 360, it has already boosted PS3 sales as much as it can, this would just make some more money for Kojima.

But I don't think it'll be going to 360.

princejb1343803d ago

this guy sounds desperate he going back to the previous years to find clues, he must either be bored and want to get popular somehow

and how can you say resident evil 5 looks better than mgs4?
yes you may have seen videos of it but actually playing the game and viewing it can be 2 different experiences

DaCandyman3803d ago

A note to all XBox 360 owners, if you want to play MGS4 this bad just do what I did, buy a PS3 w/MGS4 and PLAY it.

truth for gamers3803d ago

@ 1.5

personally I wouldn't even play MGS4 if it came to the 360 i'm just saying that there is a possibility that it could come to the 360 for those who are interested in it, again I AM NOT.

Mainman3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Resi 5 looks better than MGS4? lol, sorry I had to laugh at that.

At vega75, the cut-scene's can't be cut away, because they are in-game, it uses in-game assets. So cut-scene's themselves dont take up alot of space on the disc.

I guess you can cut the cut-scene's away, but it wont save you space on the disc.

@ Truth
I dont know which console's you have, but you should definately give MGS4 a try. The game truly is epic, MGS4 deserves all the praise it gets. You really shouldn't miss out on an awesome game like this.

StephanieBBB3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

If you don't want to play a game with both the best story telling and graphics of this centuary then your not a real gamer, The end.

Go and waste your money on wii titels for that 15 minutes of glory and stop writing fanboy comments for people that actually play games for more than that.

SL1M DADDY3803d ago

While I will agree that Resident Evil 5 looks great, it in no way looks as good as MGS4. Sorry, but that comment is simply you inciting flames and is not needed here in the gamers zone.

Megatron083803d ago

Personally I didnt think MGS4 looked all that great it look nice and all but it wasnt ground breaking graphics or anything. As far as playing the game it boring as hell I actually sold it after 2 day cause trying the "play" the game felt more like a chore then something I was doing to have fun. I think I "played" about 5 hours of the game and out of that 5 hour like one hour was actual gameplay. To me that made the game god awful

Silellak3803d ago

360 can "barely run MGS3"?

Your entire post was discredited with that one line of crap.

iamtehpwn3803d ago

XIII is built on Crystal tool, a multiplatform engine, it will take no time port it to 360. However, MGS4 is specifically wrote for Cell and RSX capabilities. In other words, you'd have to completely rewrite the game engine for this.

JBaby3433803d ago

Please 360 people if you like MGS4 just get a freaking PS3. Not only do you get MGS4 but all the other epic games plus blu-ray functionality. Figure it out already and for the good of everyone on N4G shut up about games coming to 360.

TheSadTruth3803d ago


How about some proof, all you fanboys do is speculate and pass it off as fact. How about you link to an article where you read this, if one even exists.

MGS4 ported to Xbox 360 is VERY possible.

Silver3603803d ago

Saw a 360 controller in the flashback with psycho mantis when i played the game. Don't know why it was there but it read rumble is back and flashed a 360 controller. Now all that said, MGS4 should stay on the PS3 the experience has come and gone. It was fine ,but lets leave it where it is and move on to other games.

Megatron083803d ago

@iamtehpwn funny we heard that same crap about FF13 too. Then SE renamed the white engine crystal tools and suddenly they are able to port FF13 with no problems. Saying one system or the other cant handle exclusive games is just PR BS with all the games that were once exclusive to ps3 that everyone said couldnt be done on the 360 that got port you think people would of figure that out by now guess some people are just slow learners

marionz3802d ago

well 360 has taken alot of one time ps3 exclusives

devil may cry 4
assasins creed
final fantasy
grand theft auto

theres probably more i dont know, but mgs only makes sence, never trust a dev when they say a game is exclusive, if theres a way to make it multi plat they probably will.

its not about trying ti piss off the fanboys, its about money and as far as im concerned its a good thing, ps3 fans get to enjoy not crying over that fact, im glad about it!
i had so much fun with that game and it should be experienced buy as many gamers as possible.

but i do understand loseing exclusives can be a bad thing for sony or MS directly, i want a ps3, currently waiting for a price drop, MGS is one reason why i want to get a ps3, but if i can get all the exclusives i want on the 360 that would stop me buying the console i guess.

either way MGS on 360 would be a great thing! i know some people will be saying things like "dumbed down" i have more faith in konami then that, and im sure the 360 has more then enough power and we wont know unless it happens, or "disc swapping" pft that so doesnt bother me, i spent 65 hours alone on the last disc of blue dragon, better then putting a 10 hour game in the drive playing it till the end and ejecting it.

anyway MGS on 360 bring it on!

jaysquared3802d ago

If FF13 went Multi Plat and Sony owns 8% of Square then MGS4 will be on the 360.. Konami is a Third Party developer and I dont think Sony owns any shares of it..

Mainman3802d ago

@ Silver360

That is a white dual-shock 3 you see in the Mantis flashback, lol.

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PoSTedUP3803d ago

its only possible on the ps3. sorry.

codeazrael3803d ago

sorry, you left yourself wide open for that one.

DarkBlade3803d ago

If u listen to the Square Enix conference they said that they will make both game identical, so meaning they might downgrade the graphics and sound so it can run on 360 do to the maximum capacity of the 360's DvD.(No one want more than 3 multiple dics). Also the trailer they showed was pre-render footage i believe and seen killzone 2 showed pre-render footage before and now look pretty dang close, there a chance that FF13 would look like the trailer they showed if they were making a 360 version. Maybe Japan's version might but superior to other version since it the only version coming out for japan.

agentace3803d ago

FFXIII is crap so your statemnet ois totally wrong aswell

player9113803d ago

Final Fantasy games are one of the game franchises in gaming history. There is a reason why they're on #13, plus all of the growing spinoffs.

FFV13 won't be any different on any other console. It won't be downgraded. They simply said they would be releasing it in Japan first (like they always do). All of the hard work is already done. The graphics; the story line; the finishing touches. It has already been said that converting a PS3 game to a 360 game is easier then vice versa.

I noticed there are lots of crying about swapping discs. Who cares if you spend a total of 2 minutes over an 80+ hour game swapping a disc. Plus with the fall update you have the option to copy the discs to the HDD if your that damn lazy. Problem solved.

And the 360 uses dual layer DVD's which CAN hold up to 8.5gb of data. Since no game uses the entire 50gb of BR storage, you can have it on several discs. Lost Odyssey is 4 discs and it is on par with any other final fantasy type game. I'm sure 4-5 DVD discs are cheaper then 1 blueray disc.

TheSadTruth3803d ago

If u listen to the Square Enix conference they said that they will make both game identical, so meaning they might downgrade the graphics and sound so it can run on 360 do to the maximum capacity of the 360's DvD.(No one want more than 3 multiple dics). Also the trailer they showed was pre-render footage i believe and seen killzone 2 showed pre-render footage before and now look pretty dang close, there a chance that FF13 would look like the trailer they showed if they were making a 360 version. Maybe Japan's version might but superior to other version since it the only version coming out for japan.

You are not a very intelligent human being. MANY final fantasies have been on multiple discs, so no, they aren't going to be "downgrading." The trailer also featured some real-time footage, which was apparently so good you couldn't tell it wasn't pre-rendered. Japan's version might be superior? I'm not going to comment on that.

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UnblessedSoul3803d ago

Because Kojima is true to his fans

GametimeUK3803d ago

then he should release it on 360... Im sure he has a lot fans there too

CaptainHowdy3803d ago

if those guys are true fans they bought the ps3 for this game

player9113803d ago

If your a fan of a game, you'll play it on any system. You don't have to buy a specific brand console JUST because your a fan of 1 game.

Thats like saying Sonic games are fun... and I will only play them on a sega machine. Well if your a true Sonic fan, you'll do what it takes to play it. The console shouldn't matter to you.

Plus why would any person with a little bit of common sense buy a $400 console to play a 1 game for a week.

TheSadTruth3803d ago

"If your a fan of a game, you'll play it on any system. You don't have to buy a specific brand console JUST because your a fan of 1 game.

Thats like saying Sonic games are fun... and I will only play them on a sega machine. Well if your a true Sonic fan, you'll do what it takes to play it. The console shouldn't matter to you.

Plus why would any person with a little bit of common sense buy a $400 console to play a 1 game for a week. "

They don't understand that people with LIVES and common sense aren't going to do this. They spend their entire day here flaming Xbox fans and lose touch with reality. Then if someone says in another article that they are going to actually buy a PS3 just for MGS4 (and FFXIII many claimed) they will get flamed.

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mikeslemonade3803d ago

Is it worth the debt that Microsoft would incur? Nope. Everyone who had interest in MGS4 has already bought MGS4 and a PS3.

Omega43803d ago

thats what i was thinking, theres no point getting MGS4 when eveyone who wants it has brought it

Unlike FF13 which hasnt been released and therefore fans of the series may get a 360 to play it on instead of a PS3

Megatron083803d ago

Well they are releasing bioshock for the ps3 a year after the game was on the 360 and the pc and they are releasing overlord for the ps3 like 2 year after it was on the 360. Well I doubt these games are going to sell any ps3 they obvious do sell or dev would not keep doing this so there no reason to think that msg4 wouldnt sell well on the 360 a year or more after it was on the ps3.

I think it was at the 06 maybe the 07 e3 (the one right before peter moore left ms) when sony and ms were both ask about mgs4 going to the 360 both replied that it was up to Konami. Sony of course pointed out that it be on the exclusively on the ps3 1st.

player9113803d ago

I don't think MS would be stupid to put any money into this because you are absolutely right. Anyone who wanted MGS4 probably already bought a PS3. It is too late in the game to be announcing it now.

If MS was going to do this, they would have announced that it was coming to the 360 long ago... so people wouldn't have to spend $400 on a console just to play 1 game.

Just because it is stupid for MS to throw money at it, doesn't mean that Konami doesn't want more money. I hear MGS4 is a good game. If it was released for the 360 I'm sure it would sell... but probably not enough to really squeal about.

xhi43803d ago

both Hideo Kojima and that Ryan Patan guy said its only possible on the PS3, they created it to take advantage of the PS3 capabilities, they've programmed it for a cell possessor, even Kojima said that the 50 GB blu-ray wasn't enough for what he wanted.

Think about it logically FF13 hasn't been in production for that long, they said once they finsih the Japanese PS3 version and start localisation then they'll port it to the 360.

But for Kojima to go back and think of a way to compress his work (which I don't think he would do knowing him the perfectionist) and cutting crap and cutting code that the PS3's extra SPU's supported IS NOT Kojima at ALL. Everyone knows what Kojima's like, if he's going to make for the 360 it will be a totally new game he's not going to go back now.

Face it. How many times do people need Kojima, Sony, Ryan Patan and common sense to tell its a PS3 Exclusive?? I'll never know....

acdata3803d ago

mgs4 is only 32GB not 50 GB and it has junk content such a tv channel at start of the game. it can fit really on 1 or 2 dvd9

LastDance3803d ago

Lol...maybe they should ring you acdata and you can tell them what to scrap... haha....also..i think your maths is a little off.

princejb1343803d ago

i believe they did say the game needed it a 50gb bluray and it was compressed at some points just to make it fit
but anyways i would love for mgs4 to stay exclusive BUT if kojima really at some point needs money to start in his new project than why not port it to the 360
he will sell greatness

The Wood3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

i couldn't focus past that wallpaper.

@ acdata, how many times does 8 go into 32 again cause you know dvd9 doesn't give you 9 gig right; I'm not sure if it even gives you a full 8

FantasyStar3803d ago

What am I looking at again? I'm....a bit distracted.

Ju3803d ago

They've to rework the game a bit, like that scene somewhere in the middle "Snake! Please enter Disk2. ... Snake? Snake?! Ah, right, we are running on PS3 with a Blue Ray.". Is pretty hilarious, IMO. Or, "I will control you controller. Darn. Doesn't rumble, either." (well, I got no rumble controller). Tons of that stuff in the game.

gaffyh3803d ago

@The Wood - Standard DVD9s hold 8.5GB of data, but MS has put a layer break limit on their games so that the disk can only hold 7.5GB.

kopicha3803d ago

you only get about 6.4GB from a DVD9 althou it says 8.4GB. unless i am wrong about one thing. for 360 i remember reading from a developer site saying that you cant use full 6.4GB for 360 either. only about 6GB are accessible to game data while the rest goes to some system file for the media protection or something. what ever it is be it porting or not i couldnt care more about it. one thing i know for sure. if i were given a choice to require to swap disc just to play game and no need to swap disc when playing a game. i definitely go with no swapping option. swapping disc is such an old technology. at least thats what i feel. its 2008 now... i aint living in 1998 where i need to keep swapping disc just to play a freaking game.

dcbronco3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )


At the Japanese 360 launch Kojima was there. He stated the 360 would have no problem with MGS 4. So actually got angry because it went against their PS3 most powerful machine in the world bs. Here is another article where Kojima says the 360 can do MGS.


Swapping discs is still better than being forced to instal.
And DVD9 definitely fits more than 6,4 gig since GTA4 is something like 7,2 gig.

kopicha3803d ago

you can have all your time to swap disc and have longer load time. like i have said swapping is something of the past. example, most movies on DVD you just need to insert the disc and you watch the entire movie. while in the past when you watch LD/VCD, you need to take the disc out half way through and swap side/disc. so i guess you prefer to watch LD/VCD over DVD. i can live with install for better load time and just play without having to remove and insert disc every time the story changes or moving into the next act or what so ever. games with mandatory install usually only require that to be done once. its definitely better than having the need to swap disc every time you play. not to mention the additional load times and time you spend swapping after accumulating them, they surely end up more than the time you need to spend on your first install. maybe HDD space for 360 owner is an issue. but its not really an issue for PS3 owners since HDD are cheap for PS3 as compared to 360. you may feel worried if 360 is to have mandatory install since their HDD is expensive. but swapping HDD on PS3 is cheap and easy. I have 250GB HDD installed in my PS3. I still have over 170GB space despite that I have more than 15 games and a lot of junks like game demo, mp3s, videos and etcs inside the PS3 HDD. i take install over swapping anytime. at least thats how i look at it. given that i have both PS3 and 360, if FF13 on 360 gonna have multi disc, its no thanks for me I would rather go with the PS3 version.

player9113803d ago

VCD vs DVD is different. Movies are fluid and having to stop to swap a VCD disc sucks.

The difference is movies are meant to be watched in 1 sitting. Games aren't. Games have various ups and downs where simply swapping a disc isn't problematic. Plus there is the ability to copy the game disc to the HDD to avoid disc swapping if your that lazy.

Lost Odyssey is 4 discs. Typically once I finish a disc I end for the day anyway and next time I start with a new disc. Not that complicated. You have to put some sort of disc in the drive, whats the difference if its labeled "Disc 1" vs "Disc 2"?

kopicha3803d ago

well... i didnt say anything about complicated. its just additional trouble which is avoidable. also not all games are like what you describe which playing disc 1 its going to take awhile before you need to insert disc 2 to proceed further. your comment obviously also show that you didnt play MGS4 as well. Talk about Lost Odyssey, imagine the same game if done on PS3 is probably just 1 disc solution and probably + a mandatory install. A game with this much disc required is quite a fair deal if i use it as an example. Lets assume MGS4 also require 4 disc if its being compress into multi DVDs. This is one game that a good player is capable of finishing it within 5-6 hrs. So if I want to play the game straight for 5hrs assuming I would like to complete it in 1 go. meaning i have to swap at least 3 times within the 5hrs. not to mention its probably gonna load longer during cut scenes and area/act change (unless you are telling me DVD load faster than HDD). fyi there is almost no load time even if there's one its a really quick one which only take few secs in MGS4 in every transition except for act change. if you look at this scenario, what difference does it make to watching a long movie on VCD while you have to swap a couple of time to finish off the movie? also when talk about installing the game into HDD then no need swap as an option. i think thats a big slap in the face to those fanboys out there who always claim how PS3 sux because they need to install their games to play. more over i already made it really clear. all PS3 has build in HDD which installing is not an issue. if you run out of space, upgrade to a larger drive which is easy and definitely cost a lot less than 360's HDD. so assuming if i didnt want swap on my 360 now M$ give me an option to install them and play off HDD. thats as good as asking me to pay them more $$$. i am sorry then end of the day i probably gonna pay more than i need to pay for a PS3 to play games. not to forget i need to pay for my XBL membership just to play online.

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