Speculation: The Kojima-Konami Fiasco Might be his Best Troll Yet

Mat @ AYMG writes: "The Kojima-Konami scandal is something the gaming world has been keeping a close eye on this last month or so, with insiders and outsiders alike trying to figure just what on Earth is going on. However, I’ve been pondering the thought that maybe Kojima is up to his old tricks again."

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Dlacy13g850d ago

I would have said the same thing until they discussed it on the Konami investor call. you don't troll investors unless you want to get sued.

nidhogg849d ago

I'm surprised the author did not think of this fact. "gaming journalism" ugh.

breakpad849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

@Dlacy while you have a point ..the strategy which will be followed from a company in order to better promote their product,doesnt have any relation with investors ...its their strategy (if it s a troll strategy) which obviously has been discussed behind the scenes and the investors take the risk to support or not....Kojima was/is nt only head of KProd was also very high in command in Konami itself it is impossible that he has not discussed his marketing strategies with potential investors (if and only the whole thing is trolling and we dont want to believe the firing rumors

F0XHOUND849d ago

Its a fan site. That kinda renders it as amateur journalism I'm guessing lol.

morganfell849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

Although this issue does concern POTENTIAL investors, its impact is in the main with CURRENT investors.

Investors trust the CEO, CFO and board to make financial moves which may incur risk but they also trust them to minimize risk. This incident has cost investors tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The cumulative amount is over seven digits. Go back and look at the Japanese stock market and see what has occurred since early March. Last month I brought up this issue and was told "April 1st is coming" by persons that failed to see the fact April 1st is the beginning of the Japanese fiscal year. This is not the type of act which investors sign on to see committed with their money. Anyone still thinking this is a troll need to conduct market research and examine just how much money has been lost by Konami during this period. These are the same people on the roof of the building in LA greeting the aliens in the movie Independence Day.

Konami effectively cut their short term profits on MGSV by a third up to half. Long term profits fare little better due to the current industry status, volumetric releases and the holiday window with competition coming months afterward. Yeah that is great marketing plan...not.

masterfox850d ago

Did kojima had somekind of an affair with a Konami CEO spause or something ?

I don't know what the hell is going with this :/

yuukiliu849d ago

They likely wanted him to do more MGS and he probably refused. Their response was to get rid of him. 'Make more MGS or you're outta here. Ok I'm outta here.'

Germany7849d ago

You can't troll investors.

fleecejohnson75849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

It really isn't that serious any way for real. If he is gone, who the hell cares? Konami will still make Metal Gear, Silent Hill etc. And this dude will land on his feet somewhere & make other games for his followers to enjoy. The world keeps on turning. All the high level intrigue, excessive fervor & conspiracies in these headlines/stories over a game dev is really all kinds of ridiculous. Especially this long after hearing about it's potential of being a reality. It's just a guy that makes a couple decent games for us to play with on our expensive toy boxes; no more,no less. Hell there's bigger (or at least more entertaining) news even in the world of gaming than this guy IMO. Seriously we get it, it sucks. However, I think that both parties will survive & move on. True or not...

Manubiggs849d ago

Isn't there a name like Kojinamigate or Konajimagate for this yet?

Cernunnos849d ago

I've heard the term Kojimadence lately.

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