Star Wars: Battlefront only £37.71 on Xbox One & PS4

Dealspwn: "Even though Star Wars: Battlefront still has quite a way to go until it's 20th November release I think this just might be one of the better pre-order prices we are to see."

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DonkeyDoner1001d ago

there you go folks MP only £37 not included with upcoming DLC

micx1001d ago

Unfortunately, you're probably correct. I wonder when they'll announce Star Wars Premium.

bloop1001d ago

Deluxe edition is €79.99 preorder on the EU store!!!!

Nekroo911001d ago

Star Wars Battlefront takes place in a rich universe full of stories and possibilities.

Not taking advantage of that to create a story mode its just pure lazyness...

matt1391001d ago

I disagree. I don't think campaigns work well with battlefront. If it's one we thing to learn from EA, it's that they should stick to mp only.

micx1001d ago

Campaigns work well with Star Wars. Not being able to deliver single-player in such a rich universe is not commendable.

bggriffiths1001d ago

The lack of a story mode is just balls. But if you only want to play MP (some people do), this might be a decent preorder price. £45 elsewhere. If EA and DICE can get people to pay £40 for a Battlefield game, then another £40 on a Season Pass, I'd expect a royal shilling from Star Wars getting in on that mix.

Angainor71001d ago

That's enough for a multiplayer only and without DLC title..

XboxDD1001d ago

$30 would be enough, this is too much.

Activemessiah1001d ago

you mean for the "Bare-bones" edition.... then £80 for the "one that has everything in it" edition.

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