CrossCode: how to make a killer demo without getting noticed [Pixel Dynamo]

"Kickstarter, Indiegogo and the rest have opened up opportunities for veteran developers and newcomers alike, but you have to wonder whether that opportunity is actually any easier to seize than it was before. Whether a developer is trying to convince a single publisher or ten thousand people browsing the web, they’re still faced with the challenge of standing out in a group where everyone else is trying to rise to the top too. And, in the bizarro world of the internet, where Flappy Bird blows up like it was a cure for the common cold, it isn’t easy to tell what will stand out, even if you have genuine talent.

These challenges have become familiar to Felix Klein and Stefan Lange of Radical Fish Games, who recently talked with me about their top-down action RPG, CrossCode, and it’s Indiegogo campaign, which has a rapidly approaching funding deadline."

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eldingo1063d ago

i played the demo of this by downloading it from newgrounds it was awesome i do hope these guys get their game funded it would be awesome.

rdgneoz31063d ago

Sounds interesting, though first thoughts reading the description was the .Hack series.

eldingo1063d ago

give the demo a try its very fleshed out for a demo of game.