Euro 80GB PS3 priced and dated

Sony has confirmed to following earlier reports that the 80GB PlayStation 3 will be launching in Europe shortly.

SCEE president David Reeves confirmed the console will go on sale at GBP 299 / EUR 399 on

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SilPho3802d ago

Makes sense, it's almost impossible to find a PS3 for sale at the moment. It's actually easier to find a Wii if you can believe that.

Shame there's no BC, but at least people can get the DualShock.

B-Rein3802d ago

yeh its high on demand in, a uk retailer a frind of mine tried to get 1, but he had some trouble.
I have 60 gig model but i upgaraded to (seagate) 160 gb for only £20 that $40 in american money unlike xbox 360 paying plippin £70 for 20 gb.

fermcr3802d ago

Are you from Europe? Where i live (Portugal) you can find a PS3 anywhere. Even in the supermarkets you find PS3 for sale (but it is expensive 399 Euro). What you cannot find is a Xbox360 Arcade nowhere (195 Euro, i am looking for one). When the PS3 price becomes 200-250 Euro... then i will buy one. Until then, no thanks.

SilPho3802d ago

Yeah, I'm in the UK. Amazon, Gameplay and Play are sold out online and the last Game store I went in to didn't have any either. I thought it was a bit strange.

It's not impossible to find them obviously, HMV have a few, but generally they're rarer than they have been.

kwicksandz3802d ago

I live in Australia and the ps3 is $749 for the 40gb no ds3 no bc mgs4 bundle. hope this 80gb model drops the price closer to $500

TheFreak3802d ago

Im from Norway and almost every store is sold out

Tomdc3802d ago

japan gets it cheaper than UK...

America gets it cheaper than UK...

The rest of Europe gets it cheaper than UK...

Us brits feelin the love once more!

I think we finally have our reason to switch to the euro...

EnglishPatriot3802d ago

"I think we finally have our reason to switch to the euro..."

The Euro can get fvcked.

AlienGorilla3802d ago

I'm from America. I went to a Wal-Mart the other day and they didn't have any PS3's so America is sold out too.

Man, CRAZY Demand,

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Arsenal4Ever3802d ago

So UK is still paying $600 for a PS3.


Anyways yeah for an extra 40GB free it's a good deal and it can be upgraded at any time.

I think Next-gen Sony will stick with a high-end model like the 60GB model.

krakdol3802d ago

Actually no, it's cheaper in UK than in the European continent...

300 pounds = 379 euros < 400 euros paid in the continent

Yes, your pound isn't worth much right now.

xtreampro3802d ago

where not spending 600, thats how much it came out for in the US, down here in the UK the 60GB PS3 came out for GBP.425, the 60GB then cut down to GBP.350 and during that cut the 40GB PS3 was released at a price of GBP.300, so the 40GB right now cost GBP.300, but now we get the 80GB PS3 in the UK for the same price as the 40GB, and thats GBP.300, pretty cool!.......but i have a question, will these new 80GB PS3's have BC?

Lumbo3802d ago

I am pretty sure that it will not have PS2 BC, PS1 BC is done via software emulation anyways

SilPho3802d ago

As far as I know, all PS3 models support PS1 backwards compatibility (hence why they are on the store) but only some models have PS2 support. The EU 60GB does, but neither the 40GB nor the upcoming 80GB do.

Sony may have stated officially that the 80GB doesn't, but I don't know for sure. I would expect it to be the same as the 40, but with the DS3

scoobysnacks3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

was thinking the same thing about BC, as a friend of mine wants to get a PS3 in the next few months. He wants the BC like my 60gb PS3 (now upgraded to 250gb for £60). Didn't the 80gb version have BC to begin with, and Sony only dropping the BC on the 40gb version? I'm not sure on that one.

To be honest, the BC seemed important to begin with, but i've rarely used that feature on my PS3 more than about half a dozen times, too many PS3 games to complete. And when places like Tesco occasionally do offers on slimline PS2's for like £50, why not just get a PS2 for your old games?

Bestgameever3802d ago

Heres to still hoping they bring a ps2 BC software update for the 40gb / new 80gb ps3's :P - Read somewhere once that sony were "looking into it"

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whoelse3802d ago

You see, this is stupid on Sony's part because anyone who knows about this now wont buy an PS3 until they can get a better deal.

agent8643802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

for subsidizing that $399 US price ! It it were this cheap in Europe you'd pay 250 Euro / £199

... the US price doesn't include sales tax tho. Usually the quoted price in UK / Europe includes the VAT doesn't it?

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