WWE 2K15 - PC Requirements Revealed, Coming on April 28th

The official Steam page of WWE 2K15 has revealed the official PC requirements for this wrestling title.

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Hoffmann1185d ago

Bring Smackdown - Here Comes The Pain to PC with upgraded visuals.

Hysteria941185d ago

thats never gonna happen dude.

Monstar1185d ago

one hopes it happens...being the reason being. The game is still the best in the franchise.

DasTier1185d ago

I did and still do love HCtP, but honestly i am now much more interested in the simulation style gameplay, looking back at older games like No Mercy and HCtP it just annoys me how fast paced the matches are.

In a perfect world we would have the old rosters and they'd figure out a way of making the universe gameplay similar to late 90's wrestling.

More run ins pushing fueds forwards, matches that dont just seem random, etc.

DasTier1185d ago

I really hope we can mod the sh*t out of this.

galgor1185d ago

holy CRAP! It's been YEARS since a WWE game came to the PC. And they pick this one? HAH! Why didn't they just wait to coincide with this years version?

ServerBOT1185d ago

Why would they release 2k15 on P.C now when 2k16 will be out this year ?

DeadlyFire1184d ago

2K loves the PC. This is their first published WWE game. I expect more in the future from them.

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