Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay DICE Interview

DICE General Manager Patrick Bach previews the first EA Star Wars game, Star Wars Battlefront, in this exclusive gameplay interview from Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA.

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Neixus910d ago

Even though it's dissapointing all the features it dont have, i'm really excited to see the actual gameplay.
DICE are masters of sound and general ''gameplay feel''

DDDGirlGamer85910d ago

looks great! Enough with the Pre Rendered Crap already!!!

daBUSHwhaka909d ago

Patrick Bach is knobhead.The guy talks out his ass.Very true what nexus said that DICE are the masters when it comes to sound and gameplay but will the game work or will it be a disastrous launch again.

kingeliran909d ago

This game going to disappoint with an ingame store.
-1.99$ for different lightsaber color.
-2.99$ for new jedi skin.
He already said in other interview that the shield in the trailer is a "powerup" wonder how much does it cost?

Perjoss909d ago

How's that negativity working out for you?

DarthSocio909d ago

He's right though. We need to expect more from game developers. I know they're totally different games but look at the amount of content you'll be getting in the witcher 3 as apposed to this.

starrman1985909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

DICE are a great developer, I think EA are the ones pressuring the DLC. That said, BF games tend to get a LOT of bang for their buck.

BF4 received 4 really fleshed out add ons, new maps, new weapons, new challenges.

You also go the premium battle packs and premium events. It's not for everyone, especially at £40 but if you dip into it regularly it's a great purchase!

Rute909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

This pretty much confirms that Sullust will be in The Force Awakens film since the film features scenery from Iceland as well (Krafla Volcano).

EDIT: I just read that it had been confirmed that the lava field stage in Sullust is based on the battle of Jakku from Force Awakens.