IGN: E3 '08: NBA 2K9 First Look

Here's a weird way to start your presentation: Denigrating your company's games. Regardless, Dana White did it at the beginning of THQ's UFC press conference several weeks ago and, on a different tip, Visual Concepts did it at the beginning of IGN's look at NBA 2K9. Developers explained that, unlike NHL 2K8, 2K Sports' NBA simulation did not need a rebuild, and was instead ready for primetime already.

The company "likes where it's gone and where it's going", and explained that this year's design direction is to be the complete package from booting on your system to shutting it down. That's fine and dandy, but in IGN's first look at the game at E3, they saw very, very little of where NBA 2K9 might be going.

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Luca Blight3774d ago

but do NBA games not have the longetivity of NFL based games? I mean I love NBA2K and all, but even with a worse game in Madden and NCAA (especially in recent years), I still end up playing them a lot more.

3774d ago