Bloodborne's Mysterious Closed Door Solved

Someone has discovered what's on the other side of that indefinitely closed door at the bottom of the Cathedral Ward in Bloodborne.

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drifter861186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Same door huh!? Damn that sucks; was hoping for something more special. Should have allowed you to use as a shortcut.

SilentNegotiator1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I was hoping that it lead to that bridge that you can see from up top, going to another area in the game.

KirbysDump1185d ago

Get used to being disappointed by this game

TWB1185d ago

Those two bridges you can see from the top both lead to central Yharnam... Didnt you watch the video? Its clearly the same door and the video creator clearly runs alongsie the bridge away from the door (towards central yharnam).

The bridge just lacks detail when you view it from the cathedral ward so it looks slightly different.)

There are even few user generated maps that display that the door is connected to the great bridge.

TWB1185d ago

Some say it was closed due to story related stuff but according to some folks, alpha had an item drop called "a key to great bridge" if you glitched your way to Papa G and killed him (he wasnt officialy in the alpha test)

Though some have speculated (which I also thought as the possible reason) that the "tunnel" to the new area is too short to be used as a loading buffer. They wouldnt have enough time to stream the next area properly if they used that door as cathedral ward access. The route through Oedons Tomb is longer and doesnt give you instantly a view of Yarnam so it gives more time to stream the new data.

ziggurcat1186d ago

it really doesn't solve how the door can be opened, though.

Snookies121186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Yeah, it just seems weird that the door was left in like that... They could have just gotten rid of those doors at the end of development if they knew they weren't going to be used.

Summons751186d ago

Probably but they could have forgotten with everything else. That or it's the best easter egg and nod toward Silent Hill who is infamous for doors that can't be opened.

Xof1186d ago

There are a couple other doors like that.

You can't unlock them because the game keeps a coherent level design to the world, and uses shortcuts sparingly.

Exari1186d ago

Guys, this was done intentionally, it is related to the story, (kinda spoilers ahead) the healing church clerics blocked it when the hunt began, in fact there's a message in the game that confirms what im saying.

"When the hunt began, the Healing Church left us, blocking the great bridge to Cathedral Ward"

Berenwulf1186d ago

The NPC (Gilbert) next to lantern in central Yharnam even tells the player that the main bridge to the cathedral ward has been sealed off from the city by the healing church, you can only access it over the aqueduct...
So the door is supposed to be locked! It's not a fault by From Software...

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eldingo1186d ago

theres always mysteries in from softwares games glad to see the community is still trying to solve this cryptic stuff tho.

Xof1186d ago

Well, then there's Dark Souls II and it's, "BUY DLC TO SEE WHAT'S BEHIND THIS GIANT DOOR" thing.

eldingo1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

i never said they did not have any faults at all.

nbalive891186d ago

could be for future dlc or from sofwares just trolling us

megatron_781186d ago

What about the latch in byrgenwerth...and how do u open them?

Finalfantasykid1186d ago

That's the one I'm curious about as well

ziggurcat1186d ago

i've noticed that trap door, too. been wondering whether it's accessible.

pwnsause_returns1186d ago

Wait, where in byrgenwerth? Inside the mansion/school?

ziggurcat1186d ago

yeah, on the very first floor near the spiral staircase.

SilentNegotiator1186d ago

Don't one of the readable pieces of paper suggest that one of the most important dungeons are below the building or something?

Anyway, I can't figure that one out either.

Finalfantasykid1186d ago

The chalice dungeons are supposed to be underneath Byrgenwerth, but there has to be more to the latch than just that bit of lore. You can't use you bell, or write any notes on the hatch, which suggest that it is openable. I'm guessing it is for future dlc, but for all we know it could be something we just havn't figured out yet.

extermin8or1186d ago

what about the door at the top of the tower if you go left through door that opens after killing blood starved beast? I want to know whats through there and the one in the crypt in cathedral wall if you go through gate with giant axe guy and head down the large steps and past brick guy and club guy and then chain and ball giant? There's a crypt with a semi-hidden door that too is locked.

SpinalRemains1381185d ago

That's been bugging me as well.

Initially I thought that's where you had to climb down to fight a boss.

I guess it is just part of the first floor and no one can go in.

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