New Just Cause 3 Teaser Released, New Gameplay Trailer To Be Released Tomorrow or Sooner

It was rumored that a gameplay trailer for Just Cause 3 will be released tomorrow, well now with the latest tweet from the official Just Cause twitter account, showing off a gif of a torn down picture, and behind it is a glimpse of that new trailer, so it is coming tomorrow or sooner depending on how many re-tweets the tweet and future tweets gets.

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FreakOrama1124d ago

New teaser tweet / gif released and updated in the post.

aCasualGamer1124d ago

Why don't they just release the footage?


subtenko1124d ago

Looks like horrible quality. They should have used gyf or html 5 video. The graphics in this format (HOPEFULLY its the format) look like Just Cause 2 Xbox graphics.


Braid1124d ago

Looks like we've got ourselves a hit, gentlemen.

smolinsk1125d ago

Wow...:) looking forward to this game so much:)

subtenko1125d ago

PS4 Gameplay please! As cool as cinematic trailers look, please at least give us a good mix. Cant wait!

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Erathes1125d ago

Bring on the chaos! Can't wait for this! :D

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The story is too old to be commented.