Star Wars Battlefront Devs Talk Replayability, Space Battles & More:"Feels Nothing Like Battlefield"

Star Wars: Battlefront developers are continuing to share information on the game, giving more insight on what you can expect from the upcoming shooter.

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Anthotis1037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

If you have map editors and other editing tools available then this could be a game that never dies.

We just have to hope that EA doesn't do something incredibly stupid and ruin the whole thing.

poppinslops1037d ago

According to the article, they're keeping their distance... the bigwigs know that Battlefront will more than pay for itself with pre-orders, so they're probably happy to take a hands-off approach.

That said, EA are almost certainly planning some sort of Palpatine-esque deception for the inevitably awful 'Force Awakens' game... it'll probably have a 'review Embargo' that extends well beyond it's release.

"Today in the news, Every single video-games journalist on Earth has been found murdered by the Clone Troopers EA assigned to 'assist' them... EA deny any wrongdoing, as the publisher prepares to release their three-part adaptation of 'The Force Awakens'."

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

I agree with what you're saying about adding what fans want, such as increasing long-term appeal with map editors and editing tools; however, I think the problem is that this game is required to release with the movie, and that means that it will probably be less about what fans want and more about what they're sure they can get done in time.

Maybe they should have announced DLC add-ons available next year that will add what fans are wanting... as much as people naysay about cashing in on DLC, I suppose that's still better than cashing in on this game without actually giving fans the game they wanted.

I think their no DLC stance may be another example of negative Nancy BS influencing decisions, such as promoting that they're "against DLC" (while enslaved to the idea of trying to avoid the "backlash"), while this game may be ideal for DLC, especially due to being under deadline of the movie release and due to I'd imagine that new DLC timed with home video would be a good marketing move. If not DLC, then how long before the next Battlefront game(?), especially since fans are commenting that they expected more from this HIGHLY anticipated game that has one of (if not) THE richest universes for gaming ever known.

Edit: I just started reading about SWB DLC... I think maybe they're "not holding anything back for DLC" doesn't necessarily mean that they won't have any DLC... I don't have time to read up on it now.

Blaze9291037d ago

"Feels Nothing Like Battlefield"


ERFO1037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

You know what?

Gameplay. Why are we still waiting? Feels like there's something being kept from us. Feels like a pre-order grab scheme at this point. What is it about the gameplay that EA isn't confident about that they're still hiding?

I don't want to hear any more shit about this game until I see gameplay. The hype train stops here and now.

Qrphe1037d ago

Because it's a good marketing move. Right now people are and keep and will keep on talking about what Battlefront will be like until E3 when gameplay is shown.

ERFO1037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

You know what sealed the pre order deal for me and mad max? Gameplay. They aren't cowering behind Dev talks and all that smoke. They're just laying it out there. we've all been burned by the sparks flying off the hype train in the past. I'm just apprehensive at this point. It feels like it's been deep enough into the marketing campaign that we should see something with substance.

Also why would you argue my point unless you're on the marketing team? Is this your idea? Don't YOU want to see gameplay?

antz11041037d ago


Max gameplay was shown for the first time just over four months prior to release and you preordered it.

Battlefront is still 6 months out, so calm down. Lol they have time.

unkcizzle1037d ago

The game is 6 months away from release...still plenty of time to show gameplay.

ERFO1037d ago



EstSince88Gamerdude1037d ago

Simply don't pre order any game full stop..only we can change shady practices..people power is the only way. If you keep lining up to be will get shot. And remember you always have a choice!

gamertk4211037d ago

I have no problems with pre-ordering first party exclusives, especially digitally so I can preload, but that happens just a handful of times a year for me

Nodoze1037d ago

Pre ordering is the biggest scam going. Only fools pre order sight unseen.

You know what they say about a fool and his money....

vallencer1037d ago

I don't think people are foolish for pre ordering. You get things for Pre ordering. Now people who pre order and decide not to cancel their pre order is a completely different Story. I have zero problem with pre ordering a game but if it turns I to something I don't like I get my money back. Pre ordering is t a stupid thing. not paying attention to a game to see if you're going to like it and still picking it up is idiotic.

Hairy Chewie1037d ago

I've started pre-ordering a few days out from release. Normally I know if I'll like the game or not anyway, but this way I can hold off if any bombs drop.

Archmagel1037d ago

I'm just gonna leave this here and let people decide for their own.

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