Pre-rendered Game Trailers are Aggravating and Unhelpful

Why pre-rendered game trailers are unhelpful for game reveals and create unneeded expectations.

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NovusTerminus1154d ago

Prerendered trailers are fine, so long as you don't try to pass it off as in game.

iamnsuperman1154d ago

See I disagree. Let's take the Battlefront example, that isn't how the game is going to look or play like. It is far to fluid and natural. It isn't telling us anything about the final product. It is a PR move that is part of an outdated practice. Gone are the times were magazines pushed this type of content as a way of building hype. Before launch gameplay would have to be shown as it is easy to get that information now. The pre rendered/cgi/in game assets trailer is an outdated form of PR. I think it shows a lack of confidence in the product

thereapersson1154d ago

they are a relic of game development days of old when pre-rendered footage was still the best way of showing off your game. Graphics just couldn't keep up, and people needed something to get excited about. Now that graphics can match the presentation CG trailers, eg the order 1886, they are totally unnecessary.

freshslicepizza1153d ago

if they can't show actual footage then it's too early to release a trailer and it gives false expectations to how the game will look. when ea showed madden that one year it was hilarious.

venom061153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

SOOO many laughable, negative people on this site that have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE WTF they're talking about.. how do you know it wont look like this????? My God lord, the amount of clueless haters are nauseating.. Folks that were THERE for the actual reveal have already said that it looks very close to this one the PS4 (probably even better on the PC)..

BitbyDeath1153d ago

CG game trailers are fine.
Just look at the Dead Island 2 trailer with the jogger.
That was brilliant.

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TeamLeaptrade1153d ago

I agree. As long as the they don't blatantly say it's in game graphics. What they should do is say cinematic trailer or story trailer maybe.

elninels1153d ago

But are there even real cinematic or story elements in the game?

Pandamobile1154d ago

Pre-rendered trailers are simply marketing tools. The sooner people get this, the sooner we can all move past it.

For 90% of a game's development, it's not going to be even close to "final looking", until the end of production. Watch Dogs' original trailer for example was running on a high end PC and they were not shy about mentioning it. It was also a demo, so certain things were polished to a higher degree than was feasible for the rest of the game, but that was all in-game footage.

Killzone 2's trailer was CGI through and through. That was a very early target render for what they wanted the final game to look like. Obviously, didn't end up being entirely truthful, but shit happens.

Battlefront so far is a victim of its own hype. When they finally show off the in-engine trailer, people cry foul and immediately write it off as trying to somehow trick you into buying it. For the most part, it's been very well received by the press, the internet at large and developers from around the industry.

I feel that if there was ever any real cause for alarm, it sure as hell hasn't happened yet.

Utalkin2me1154d ago

Sorry but the final build of Killzone 2 was better then the E3 trailer.

Rachel_Alucard1153d ago

They look identical except for the big jarring fact the E3 trailer is being shown like a movie where scripted events run amok and situations that are literally impossible from happening in any game known to man, e.g. soldier being shot then hanging off the ledge with one hand, first person reactions in non context sensitive environment. This same reveal was what Bioshock: Infinite did when it debut, but we all know how drastically different the final product ended being from the initial "gameplay" trailer.

Silly gameAr1153d ago

The final build did look better, but some people just don't want to accept that for some reason.

1153d ago
Timesplitter141154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

The Battlefront trailer was scripted, but not pre-rendered. It was real-time and in-engine. Pre-rendered means you "bake" the video frame by frame over a long period of time, like a 3D animation film.

The only problem with the Battlefront trailer is that the environments shown in the trailer were 1000x more polished than what you'll get in the final game, and the demo was probably running on a nuclear computer at More-Than-Ultra settings. So it's not at all representative of what we'll get when the game comes out.

I can guarantee that if that demo was made publicly available, almost no one would be able to run it at more than 10 fps

Summons751153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

I agree with your thoughts on the in-engine demo but the demo has been confirmed to be running on a PS4 and that it was pre-alpha and looked really good but obviously not as good as the trailer.


Not the trailer, that is simply a video. The DEMO was confirmed to be being played on Ps4's in pre-alpha

Timesplitter141153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

if that trailer has been "confirmed" to be running on a PS4, I simply do not believe them and I know I am right

Nio-Nai1153d ago

It was not real time, It was rendered via an engine, similar to how blender can have a render mode and a game-mode in engine...

The render would allow you to add a lot of details to it, including textures, model settings, draw distances, objects on screen, while the game side you would need to disable many of these features to get it to run at a playable frame rate...

fanboysmackdown1154d ago

If this was Ubisoft then I would call bullshit, but Dice has delivered in the graphics department in the past with BF4 and I have no doubt this is how the game will look. Amother hard up site trying to drum up business is all this article is.

detroitmademe1154d ago

at the end of the day i have faith in dice.especially after everything they went thru with battlefield 4.people forget that they were facing lawsuits and everything else for BF4'S launch but i think both DICE and EA learned alot from that experience and it shows in BF Hardline even tho DICE technically didnt develop it.Life is a learning experience and sometimes you need to go thru rough times and learn lessons the hard way(BF4) to evolve and become better(Potentially BattleFront). Id go as far to say that right now, BF4 and BF Hardline are the best First person competitive shooters that you can get right now when it comes to the big G'S ,Gameplay and Graphics

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