First screenshots of new Battlefield 4 map surface

The very first screenshots of the new Battlefield 4 mpa have been revealed.

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Cra2yey31032d ago

Is that a water sprout in the 2nd pic? Anywho I think the flags are too close to each other.

LackTrue4K1032d ago

Is this map free? I hope so

Rearden1032d ago

Yes, it'll be free to all players.

escott0131032d ago

It says:
“A scale test is the very first version of the map where we normally have the first playtest internally as a game team to test the Conquest map size, distances, and rough flag layout.”

This is a scale version of the map. It will be bigger if the Community Test Environment feedback is good.

Be sure to read the article too, not just look at the pictures and make a conclusion.

Cra2yey31032d ago

I read the article thanks. I gave my feedback in that comment since I'm not apart of the CTE.

Mega241032d ago

Wish they would remake Oasis, best map ever.

Rearden1032d ago

Man, I remember Oasis from the good ol' Bad Company 1 days :)

Skate-AK1031d ago

I played the BC2 Oasis version all the time.

SoulStain1032d ago

remake the vietnam maps. Thats all i want.

loganbdh1032d ago

The new mpa looks sweet

USMC_POLICE1032d ago

I've been asking for backstabb, bridge too far and deadly pass from modern combat on ps2

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