Extra Punctuation Will Half-Life 3 Outlive Public Interest Because of Development Time?

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw:

How long is too long? In terms of development time, I mean. Admittedly, Valve have been very careful not to come out and say that they're developing Half-Life 3. I could imagine them being concerned about making any promises in case they throw the entire game out on a whim and start from scratch, as seems to be their pattern, most notably with Team Fortress 2. But maybe they should have thought of that before they ended Half-Life 2 Episode 2 with a cliffhanger, so that even without an official announcement they already had an obligation to finish the bloody story. As we discussed when I was talking about anti-climaxes, a story without an ending is an incomplete product, and surely selling an incomplete product is tantamount to fraud.

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mochachino1098d ago

If HL3 doesn't launch something amazing with VR, it's guaranteed to disappoint. No game could possibly live up to the hype now, and the FPS genre is saturated and highly competitive.

Half Life is a victim of its own success and more importantly, prolonged delay.