Destiny's House of Wolves DLC lets you upgrade your old gear, here's how it works

Destiny's upcoming DLC, House of Wolves, will allow players to boost their older legendary and exotic weapons and armor to be viable for max level content, so long as they collect a new resource called Etheric Light.

Developers from Bungie explained the process during a livestream presentation today. Owners of House of Wolves, which launches May 19, can upgrade any legendary or exotic piece of equipment in the game to its highest level. For weapons, that means increasing their max damage to the game's new 365 limit, up from 331

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And now i regret dismantling my Shadow Price back when TDB released :(

But, im still happy for my Fatebringer!

OmegaShen1153d ago

Still have my Shadow Price, I got alot of old gear I'm going to enjoy upgrading.


Yup that will be awesome, i still got the supermacy sniper rifle from old queen wrath event:D

OmegaShen1153d ago

Never got that, how is it? I mostly use Ice Breaker.


Well its ARC burn and have some nice perks ( Firefly is one of them :D ), its really awesome when you are not using exotic sniper.

JMyers1152d ago

I kept Shadow... The best Auto I think. Can't wait.

TimeSkipLuffy1152d ago

I think the new AutoRifle they showed briefly in the stream is great as well. Good damage with high firerate and Perfect balance. Looks like a suros but as a legendary :D With reforging that thing could be a beast. But I prefer any weapon with elemental damage any day :D

Gority1153d ago

This is a welcome change, but I still need to know what the new content is going to be before I jump back in.

Ethereal1153d ago

Love the new changes being made to gear and materials. Now we just need some really awesome info on the new modes and we should have a real expansion on ours hands leading us up to the big expansion in the fall.

kneon1153d ago

Just what the game needed, yet ANOTHER resource/currency. This has gotten beyond stupid.

Cobberwebb1153d ago

You haven't played Neverwinter then. Wow.

Halo2ODST21153d ago

NW is irrelevant, stop defending this game with flawed logic, just because you're too lazy to formulate a decent argument.

kneon1153d ago

Just because other games may be worse doesn't make it ok for this game.

admiralvic1153d ago

While I get where you're coming from, are you really surprised? Games like this tend to introduce elements like this to prevent people from progressing too fast. Like if I could just use ascendent or radiant materials, then I could go from no upgrades to 1 full set of armor, assuming it didn't take more than 200~ of either material to get there.

@ Cobberwebb

I don't see how game X doing Y justifies or makes game A doing B acceptable. Like Kneon, I also get your point (other RPGs have a lot of materials), but at the same time you need to understand that the average Destiny player is not your average loot game/MMO player. They don't have experience with what is and is not normal for the genre (adding a new material to delay progress is basically MMO 101 stuff), so naturally they're going to have a different opinion.

Cobberwebb1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

I think my "wow" was taken the wrong way. It was a "wow" at the amount of currencies in Neverwinter, and not at kneon's comment. I'm not defending Destiny, it was just an off the cuff comment in reply to if he thought the amount of currencies in Destiny is beyond stupid then he should give NW a gander and see something truly obscene.

BlackWolf121152d ago

Obviously never played any kind of RPG or MMO. Or even half of the action games out there.

Tex1171153d ago

So, they gave us a re-worked "Queen's Wrath" and a quality of life materials exchange that should have been implemented months ago? Alright.

Curious to see what Prison of Elders is like and the Trials thing.

Still though....

Ethereal1153d ago

Totally agree it should have been done months ago if not at release.

BlackWolf121152d ago


They are giving EVERY player basically everything we have asked for, and you are going to cry about the timing?

People like you are why we can't have nice things.

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The story is too old to be commented.