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Last week the games press were shown a behind-closed-doors gameplay demo of Star Wars Battlefront. Rob and Chris were among them and tell us all about it.

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DarkOcelet1183d ago

We cant base judgement on how a game look on a Pre Alpha gameplay but it gives you a good idea on how it will look and they said it doesnt look as good as the trailer and i doubt the last build will look as good even though i hope it does.

TheRedButterfly1183d ago

Well, what we saw were the in-game models and environments, only pieced together with scripted events/camera angles to give us a Cinematic vertical slice. And PC players will know that that isn't /too/ hard to believe, because a maxed-out Frost Bite 3 game (Dragon Age: Inquisition & Battlefield 4, for example) can get damn close to those types of environments.

But, that being said, I highly doubt this will be the console experience. I hope it is (or at least close to it), but I won't hold my breath just yet. I expect to see gameplay at Sony's E3 conference.

Timesplitter141183d ago

In this case, they already have their engine (Frostbite 3) ready. The game's visual quality probably won't change much

RealFry1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Im still on the fence on this game, but even it it doesn't turn out to be that great. It's still not all bad, it just saves the cautious gamer money for something else, like for me, I already paid off Metal gear and Batman because the developers behind it have a solid reputation. But if this game fails I'll probably pick up Naurto ninja storm 4 instead, win-win.

Look at what else is coming multiplat or exclusives wise.. for Microsoft there's still Halo 5 to look forward to, for PS4 Bloodbourne will probably be alot cheaper later on and Nintendo fans still has xenoblade chronicles x to look forward to. Not to mention the multiplats with, like I mentioned earlier Batman, Metal gear and Witcher 3, The Division and Rainbow six siege, just to name a few.

3-4-51183d ago

* If you want a shooter this fall you only have so many choices.

* Star Wars: Battlefront

* COD:Black Ops 3

* Halo 5

* Rainbow 6

others I'm forgetting.

* That &.......How many Star Wars games do we actually get?

* What OTHER Star Wars game do you Star Wars fans plan on playing ?

Where is this other new game ?

I mean you can play the old games, some of which are amazing, but still if you want a NEW Star Wars game........this is it.

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Timesplitter141183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

The information you're looking for is at 1:48

Q: "Did the gameplay look anything like the trailer?"
A: "No. It did not look this good"

But they did say it looked good nonetheless

morganfell1183d ago

They also said what they were seeing for 7 - 8 minutes appeared to be scripted.

XboxDD1183d ago

Damn. Can we get some gameplay?
It seems most trailers/showcases lately are scripted.

RealFry1183d ago

This game is feeling rushed...

micx1183d ago


It's EA and DICE. If we'll be going by the Battlefield 4 launch, it may be best to wait and see on this one.

Neixus1183d ago

They didn't really clarify how it didn't look as good. Many people are reporting that the textures, lighting etc look the same, but the game had more jaggies and not as clean image.

ThichQuangDuck1183d ago

We need to let graphics go,but I am entirely over these In-Engine light shows. Show us gameplay and don't waste our time with damage control of "it looks just like that" because when it inevitably doesn't it starts a cycle of disappointment.

micx1183d ago

Nowdays, we can't even be sure when they do claim they've shown us gameplay. See Far Cry 3 and Watch Dogs (especially Watch Dogs) as an example.

ThichQuangDuck1183d ago

This has been going on since Killzone e3 2005 at least for me. They give us that great sense of wonder and awe. A graphical obsession makes people forget about getting excited about gameplay features. I am not paying for a console or PC to watch the game. I am paying to play the game so show gameplay

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traumadisaster1183d ago

So I have to watch a video to find out? It says "read" full preview...

Timesplitter141183d ago

maybe one day you will recover from this hardship

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