CheatCC Already Knows Some of Microsoft's E3 2015 Exclusives

While Microsoft's E3 2015 lineup may seem super-secret, CheatCC already has a good idea of what at least four exclusives will be.

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DarkOcelet1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

So, stating the obvious needs an article now?

I cant wait for Pacter to come out and say something similar also.

Please tell us something we dont already know.

iSuperSaiyanGod1062d ago

well at least its not a unbelievable lie

Septic1062d ago

Lol what a completely misleading title.

You know nothing J̶o̶n̶ ̶S̶n̶o̶w̶ CheatCC. You're just restating the most obvious.


AngelicIceDiamond1062d ago

Lol wow.

That is some expert journals there. Rare, Crackdown, Halo 5, Scale Bound, Gears Of War. Man I didn't know they would be there.

Really website, really?

littletad1062d ago

"Article" doesn't say shit. We should be allowed to report those who approve this stuff.

christocolus1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Lmao. what sort of article is this? these guys don't know anymore than we do. Clickbait.

StrayaKNT1062d ago

Microsoft will announce at least one HUGE game this e3 that will blow minds imo

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