PS Vita Version 3 - Third time lucky?

Dealspwn: Have you recently heard rumblings a new version of the PS Vita handheld could be in the works? While only a few diagrams have appeared, the validity of which are highly questionable, it got me thinking that maybe a third version of the Vita could be third time lucky for Sony. Here's how they could turn things around.

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Blues Cowboy909d ago

The Vita's still a great device, Sony just needs to push it.

Xof909d ago

The time to push it has come and gone.

Aloy-Boyfriend909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

Not yet, pal!
With Sony recently releasing more ram power with the last update, I wonder if they are prepping something.

Army_of_Darkness909d ago

Sony might as well increase the screen size to a 6" considering that it's up against android phones and tablets in terms of games. So I'd buy it if the screen size was bigger.

LifeInNZ909d ago

extra RAM made available at the expense of what? by dropping YouTube support?

I agree with what others are posting in here. Sony needed to turn things around 18 months ago. The Vita is no longer relevant in the eyes of the general consumer and I personally have no idea as to how it can be made relevant again. Not when most consumers would opt for a general purpose tablet over a Vita.

breakpad909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

if they push it again without AAA games ..i wont go anywhere and it will sell only in Japan ...Vita needs some quality love to explode :Sony bring the Mon HUn 5 on the console is damn necessity

mcstorm909d ago

You guys are spot on. I was really excited about the PSV and I have been a big Nintendo handheld fan since the game boy and got a PSV on day one. 16 moths later I sold it as it was lacking the quality games I was expecting from it. I know the 3DS has less power but its never been about that for me its always about the games in for me in every gore the 3DS has it beat.
I do wonder if Sony will drop out of the handheld market soon if not I really hope they get a mix of a great console like the PSV but pickup on the games they had for the PSP.

filchron908d ago

Sony should have promised a new 3D GTA stories game early on. that would have sold launch vita's like gangbusters.

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Yehshuah909d ago

only phone beats every other indie game system. does text, call, youtube(vita has no youtub)

jukins909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

man don't you wish you could go to YouTube on the Web browser that supports html5 the standard Google and the rest of the world is switching to? (Hope you caught that sarcasm)

Not saying vita is the best thing ever but it's good it's more than indies especially if you import not to mention Skype Facebook Netflix remote play.

rataranian909d ago

That rumor turned out to be false.

bggriffiths909d ago

For now. Doesn't mean something similar won't appear further down the line. The article talks about why it could and what would need to change.

vergilxx3909d ago

Probably sony is planing to release ps vita 3000 alongside ps4 slim

Army_of_Darkness909d ago

People assumed that combination for last years E3 lol! but who knows right!? maybe this year ;-)

vergilxx3909d ago

Last year ps4 way too young so that would have been dumb move

Spotie909d ago

Dealspawn seems to have some sort of hate crush on Sony. Their every article seems to be some sort of negativity or doubt.

gangsta_red909d ago

You know I'm going through the dealspawn submissions to N4G and I just can't see where this hate crush you seem to believe they have with Sony is coming from.

Could you be over-exaggerating because this one article is talking about the Vita...a Sony product.

Spotie909d ago

Not every article, I'll admit. But if some of those are indicative of the author's general dislike, then they're at least cashing in on the hate, as Mr. Seagul above notes.

Then again, I imagine you'll claim there's nothing wrong with any of those articles.

Rookie_Monster909d ago

I don't really see that at all. Dealspawn, from my understanding, is a site that post deals for all type of games and consoles.

LifeInNZ909d ago


their potential dislike for the Vita aside, do you believe the fate of the Vita can be turned around at this stage?

Spotie909d ago

Why not? It's not super popular in the west, but it's selling very well in Japan, where handhelds are king.

I don't know what it'll take for the Vita to catch on here, though. It seems like too many people- developers included- have made up their minds about the Vita before even trying it. It'd require marketing and entries of all the biggest first and third party franchises, and even that might not be enough.

jukins909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

It could to be honest but sony doesn't seem to want to. Priced like a 3ds and a decent backing similar to what it had at launch. It could do "good" I've had mine since day 1 and use it regularly even if not gaming

gangsta_red908d ago

"Then again, I imagine you'll claim there's nothing wrong with any of those articles."

You would imagine right then. 4 articles out of hundreds sent to N4G does not equal a hate crush for Sony. Seriously...four articles out of the hundreds plus articles constitutes a hate crush?

None of those articles even remotely suggest that the author's or the site has this hate crush for Sony.

Admit it, you just want to believe and keep stirring the pot that there's some kind of hate conspiracy campaign against Sony and any article that doesn't praise Sony is apart of your secret society out to destroy them.

maniacmayhem906d ago

"Their EVERY article seems to be some sort of negativity or doubt."

Then goes on to link FOUR articles. 4!!!

But the best part is how you tell Red that he is IMAGINING nothing is wrong with those articles. All this after you scraped those four links together after you just contradicted yourself making that overblown statement of EVERY article on dealspawn being some sort of negativity or doubt.

I understand that you are busy with school, work and a loving girlfriend but you should not claim sites are Sony biased just based off of one or two articles that don't celebrate the PlayStation brand.

Spotie906d ago

My bad. Next time I'll go through their entire site's history.

You know, like how you used ONE comment to prove I "constantly" hated on Titanfall?

maniacmayhem906d ago

"My bad. Next time I'll go through their entire site's history."

Or next time you'll stop accusing sites, people and everything else as Anti-Sony just because you read one or two non-glowing comments about your precious company of choice.

You a rational person would do.

"like how you used ONE comment"

One comment? LOL, I see you're imagining things again Hicken.

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iTechHeads909d ago

The correct phrase is "Third Time's The charm".

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