The 50 Best Games Sony Has Ever Published

Sony has a whole heap of famous IPs, from Crash Bandicoot to God of War; they’ve assembled a huge family of iconic games/series throughout their 20 year video game history. Today, we want to talk about the greatest games Sony has ever published; the best of the best! Without further ado, the 50 best games Sony has ever published (in the US).

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joab7771157d ago

I don't envy the putting those in order. Not bad though. I know many can argue about placement etc. But I like the top 10. Nicely done.

Aloy-Boyfriend1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

I would have put God of War 3 instead of Uncharted 3. Isn't enough to just have Uncharted 2?

Anywaya, this is a nice list.

mikeslemonade1157d ago

GOW3 is only marginally better than Uncharted 3.

Miraak82 1157d ago

Aside from graphics I thought GoW2 was better then GoW3

Xer0_SiN1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

nice list. i dont see any legend of dragoon and arc the lad.

EDIT: i just thought about it. sony should look i to picking up the publishing rights for valkyria chronicles, and even dragon force. those games would make a killing if they were remastered.

Tontus1156d ago

Nicely done with you get a boner at the sight of Naughty Dog's logo ffs. (I love TLoU btw)

Shit list, shit order.

brettnll1156d ago

Thanks for the read! :]

Travis37081157d ago

Nice list! but man it's missing so many more! Shoulda been 100 best published games.

MGSmarioPRO1157d ago

One of my favourites by Sony not even in the top 50, Medievil xD

Bathyj1157d ago

Ditto for Tenchu. But I could probably name another 50 games I would put in a list of my favourite Sony published games.

They really do have an incredible body of work for only 20 years.

wakeNbake1157d ago

I personally got more out of Bloodborne than The Last of Us.

Spotie1157d ago

Personally good for you.

medman1156d ago

Maaaaan, you is talkin some mess....I be offended.

Germany71157d ago

So many games, we can argue about the positions but it's a great list.

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The story is too old to be commented.