It’s Time For Nintendo To Let An Indie Into Smash Bros.

There's a possibility for indie characters to come to Smash bros., and it's a possibility Nintendo needs to act on.

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Big_Game_Hunters1186d ago

Nope plenty more deserving characters. It especially shouldn't be shovel knight. I'm all for everyone being able to play the game, but are they seriously going to ask for a smash bros slot after they sold out on Nintendo. I imagine Rayman was cut from smash for the same reason of Legends goingmultiplat.

LOL_WUT1186d ago

Thats Nintendo's problem why didn't they pay these guys to keep it exclusive? I bought the game day one I personally didn't think it was ALL that great so seeing him in smash never even crossed my mind. I'd rather see Banjo ;)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1186d ago

Well Commando from Bit Trip. has a trophy. So the possibility is definitely there

wonderfulmonkeyman1186d ago

I would prefer Wonder Red or Bayonetta to any indie character.
The only indie I can even imagine in Smash at this point, is Shantae, because she has a LONG history on Nintendo consoles, and a very diverse set of abilities to draw upon for her moveset.