PS4 Exclusive JRPG Fairy Fencer F’s First Screenshots and Art Revealed by Famitsu

Yesterday a teaser trailer revealed the star spangled staff of Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force, that will be released this year in Japan for PS4.

Today the new issue of weekly Famitsu revealed the first screenshots and artwork of the game.

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DarkOcelet1094d ago

The game looks cool, is it similar to the Tales series?

Abriael1094d ago

mmmh I wouldn't call it similar to be honest. It has some points in common, but it's closer to the usual compile heart style.

DarkOcelet1094d ago

Thanks for the answer :)

And i cant believe i got disagreed for asking a question lol.

Abriael1094d ago

Possibly because you said it looks cool, many here hate games that aren't on the bleeding edge of tech. Oh well.

fr0sty1094d ago

Yet another jrpg with a name that sounds like they threw random English words in a blender.

Clogmaster1093d ago

Or the disagree was to the question: "Is it similar to a Tales game?"

Where the disagree wasn't meant as an attack, but one of the cases where it applies literally to the question asked.

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MeteorPanda1094d ago ShowReplies(2)
trywizardo1093d ago

I see what you did there xD (fairy tale)

Relientk771093d ago

Oh wow yea this really looks like Tales Of series

3-4-51093d ago

Why is it called Fairy Fencer ?

Are you a bunch of fencing ferries like Tinker Bell or something ?

Because when I see the Beautiful Screenshots, I see random somewhat Generic looking JRPG, that looks kind of fun, but with a really weird name.

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MeteorPanda1094d ago

I saw sora and a metal behemoth model..Is square enix supporting this?

Kal-V31094d ago

Here come all the PS4 RPGs. I'm starting to get that PS2 vibe all over again. :)

_-EDMIX-_1093d ago

Agreed. If you told me this was a PS3 game though....I would believe you. Want to see more of it, also want to know if its coming to the west!

Is it a port of the first one that was on PS3? I looks like it is, but I'm not really sure. It says returning characters but I'm not sure if the author is just pointing out what they see vs what is confirmed.

I hope its a sequel, I'll pick up the first one later this year if I find out this is coming to the west.

GameBoyColor1093d ago

I'm pretty sure it's a expanded version of the ps3 game. At least not a sequel

_-EDMIX-_1093d ago

@GameBoyColor- your right. Just found out just now.

I had a feeling it might be because this game really looks like a PS3 game lol.

Thanks! Saved me an Amazon buy! I'll get the PS4 version when it comes out, good to know I'm not missing anything from the PS3 version.

Furesis1093d ago

the game looks like a ps2 game too :D

Kal-V31093d ago

More like a Dreamcast game. ;P
As long as it looks crisp and runs smooth, I don't care what the graphics are like.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1093d ago

This game looks absolutely beautiful. I am very impressed with the visuals with all of it's colorful characters and scenery. That Yoshitaka Amano artwork is sublime. One of the greatest items I have ever purchased was the art book collection called The Sky which is a three book set of Final Fantasy artwork from the legend Yoshitaka Amano. I urge anyone who loves art books to buy them. They are super high quality and come in a beautiful slipcase with a special artwork on the front.

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