The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 & X1 Exceeds 50GB Blu-Ray Disc, Will Require 15GB Day One Update

As revealed in the beta announcement post today and hinted at by the PlayStation Store, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is going to require a lot of hard drive space on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the client sitting at 50GB and a day one update running another 15GB.

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DarkOcelet848d ago

The game is not worth it. I will reserve the space for Arkham Knight.

-Foxtrot848d ago

It's a game which didn't really need an online MMO

It's a single player franchise, what you usually like about these type of games falls within it's single player. Going on quests by yourself, facing the world on your own, surviving by yourself. Same goes for Fallout.

They would of been better off doing something else.

F0XHOUND848d ago

Actually no... the theme is perfect for mmo's. They just executed it like crap and should've capitalized on the franchise to create something magical. Fallout is a single player, unless you had some fotm of faction system. But TES, is great having a huge open world with a player driven economy and generally raiding with and stumbling across other players. Imagine actual bad ASD dragons requiring groups of players to hunt.... I'm just sad the game isn't the offline experience with friends.

Dragons dogma online might just be the game this should've been!

_-EDMIX-_848d ago

I know a few folk who play it still and it very much is an MMO and was made to be one.

As a fan of the elder scrolls series, I have no problem with this game as I'm not an MMO type gamer, but I get why its made.

"They" is a team that was made to make MMO's....

I love both Fallout and Elder Scrolls and both those series would be fine with MMO versions if done correctly.

Mind you...MMO versions, we can and currently have both. Don't be surprised to see a Fallout MMO done by this same team.

Anthotis848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

Are people really gonna pay $100 dollars for a failed MMO that will be shutdown within a year?

ArchangelMike848d ago

Yeah, I'll pass and save up for The Witcher 3, thank you very much!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi848d ago

If they don't get it out of here with that mess...

TheRedButterfly848d ago

My default HDD has been practically full for months... The fact that MS and Sony thought that 500GBs would satisfy when they made game installs mandatory is freakin ridiculous.

Utalkin2me848d ago

Whats ridiculous is that you haven't upgraded your HDD by now.

F0XHOUND848d ago

You should never have to upgrade a new consoles HDD so soon into its lifespan. Even laptops are 1tb or not worth it. PS3 500gb is fine, ps4 is a 2-3tb console imo. 500gb is nothing lol. Why should we upgrade straight away when it should ship at 1tb!

Could storage needs an upgrade too

KrisButtar848d ago

IS that bigger than any other game on the consoles

XboxDD848d ago

Maybe, I think it certainly has one the bigger patches. The biggest I can remember is Dead Rising 3 patch which was like 10 gb.

Rock-Lee848d ago

It's NOT a patch though. It's just game data that couldn't fit on the Bluray disc. The game is 65GB, so they decided to put 50GB on the Bluray and 15GB as an update.

alice2015848d ago

what a load of garbage that game will be who the hall will pay for a game and keep paying............ god only knows

Psychotica848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

Why would you keep paying? There is no longer a subscription fee.

Palitera848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

To go through necessary progression walls?

Or do you think they would merely give the game for free, without any "trap" in the very core design?


PS: If the full game players mostly think this game is trash, just imagine the stripped and gimped F2P version of it...

Cernunnos847d ago

Actually, the only purchaseable items in the game are cosmetic ones.

Steptoe848d ago

Its actually impressive they've managed to squeeze that much crap onto a 50gb blu-ray.

micx848d ago

Well, they did prepare a 15 gb day one patch.

lameguy848d ago

Which is super weird considering the original console Skyrim was only like 3.7gb