Panache Digital Games Set to Reveal "AAA Historical Action-Survival" Game at Reboot Develop

OnlySP: The creator of the Assassin’s Creed franchise is seemingly about to announce his first project at his newly formed studio, Panache Digital Games.

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JWiLL552849d ago

This sounds...intriguing.

"Historical action survival" has a nice sound to it.

Dlacy13g849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

I hear "Historical action survival" and I immediately think back to Sony and their historically accurate giant enemy crabs.

Forn849d ago

This could end up being quite a game considering who's behind it. I'll be keeping my eyes open.

andibandit849d ago

Historical Action-Survival...hmm my Giant Crab senses are tingling

Skate-AK849d ago

Now do they mean Historical like real life history or Historical as in an old, major IP.