Are the Mortal Kombat X Fight Pads worth buying?

A look as to whether or not the Mortal Kombat X Fight Pads are worth buying for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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swishersweets200311124d ago

i got two of them. They're alright. I always wanted to get a fightpad for other fighting games i had so it worked out for me.


No...too small. I've been doing better with the dualshock controller.

Brazz1123d ago

Xbox gamer > sure, the thing is still better than X-1 controller D-pad... X-1 D-pad is better than Xbox360 D-pad, but the thing still not good at all.

PS gamer > Dualshock will do it, you are good, DS is decent for fighting games... you will not be a Pro, but can have some fun.

the fighting gamer > dude... fighting sticks are the only way to go...

LightofDarkness1123d ago

Some of the best players in the world use SNES and PS controllers. Sticks are only the way to go if you learned to play on sticks. There are strengths and weaknesses to both, charge characters are easier to work with on DPads, I find.

pompombrum1123d ago

I might import one of the PS ones and see for myself but finding the dualshock controller to be more than adequate with pulling off 35%+ combos.

madcowz641123d ago

The DS4 is like gold for fighting games.