Mortal Kombat X Review – Gruesome, Gory and Worthy of All the Pre-Release Hype | COG

The Mortal Kombat franchise has seen many ups and downs over its 23 year tenure and never before has excitement for a new MK game been as fervent as it was for MKX. They hype was real and MKX can stand tall as the best the series has seen yet.

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iSuperSaiyanGod1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Everybody was talking so much crap about the "pay to win" factor the day before of the release . Or the micro transactions Yet it's has no impact on how I have played the game what so ever . It's a pretty good game too by the way ! I would of gave it a 70-80 . But I can see it being a 8-10 easy depending How much someone loves mortal kombat

MasterChief71153d ago

I love Mortal Kombat but the Micro-transactions and DLC have me waiting until the Komplete Edition.

OmegaShen1153d ago

Seems a pointless reason, seeing that won't stop it being in the complete edition.