IGN: E3 '08: You're in the Movies Hands-On

When You're in the Movies was announced and demoed at Microsoft's Press Briefing you could almost hear the puzzled thoughts of the crowd crying out, "what in the hell is this?" By the look of it most probably believed it to be a cheesy Vision Cam-based knockoff on Wii Fit. Well, after spending some quality time with the inventive assortment of mini-games and improvisational portions, IGN can say that You're in the Movies is much more fun than they were expecting.

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N4M3L3553801d ago


What a lame attempt at wooing the "causal" market. Now, scheduled game shows where you can win real stuff (like 1 v. 100) sounds cool. Other than that, scrap this Movie game and the Uno game. C'mon now, what's next, Solitaire 360...the true sequel to Solitaire!

mister3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

This was pretty damn lame; could of used the money to buy aome extra dash themes, or something.