Why Ubisoft should kill off the Assassin's Creed series

It's time to stop making Assassin's Creed. Not for any dry or corporate reason, like slipping sales figures, or because the last one wasn't very good. It's simply done. It's finished. For the sake of taste and restraint and all those decent things that Big Gaming consistently lacks, it's time to stop Assassin's Creed.

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-Foxtrot911d ago


More like put it in a long coma

DarkOcelet911d ago

I want AC just to be back and have an excellent quality in both its story and gameplay. And they need to stop with the yearly franchise thing.

Out of all the protagonist we have seen from Ubisoft in the last games, none of them ever reached the cool and memorable personality Ezio had.

-Foxtrot911d ago

Yeah and that's because they really took the time working on the character and how he fits into the overall theme of the story.

I just don't get Ubisoft they have so many games they could swap out for AC but don't

One year it could be a new 3D Rayman game

The next it could be a new RPG Pirate IP

Year after that it could be Prince of Persia 08 sequel

Then Beyond Good and Evil 2

Watch Dogs 2

Far Cry 5

THEN come back with Assassins Creed as a reboot

There's a six year rest.

moldybread910d ago

they should come out with one every 3 years, not annually. or at the very least every 2 years.

Kurylo3d910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

Foxtrot ... u just answered your own question why... all those games would suck. Farcry getting overly used... watch dogs was just horrible...

Aloren910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

I couldn't stand Ezio. he was ok in Revelations, but I hated him in brotherhood and 2. Honestly, I prefered Altair, Connor, and Kenway to him. I even prefered Aiden Pierce to Ezio... anyway, AC doesn't need to rest, even a bad entry in the series is objectively better than most games out there. They just need to resolve that one or two month technical mess thats follow the release once every two games.

As for Ubi giving the franchise a rest, they will when they have another action/adventure IP that generates comparable numbers...then maybe they'll release new AC games every two years. That could be Watchdogs... as much as I love POP and BGE, I doubt they'd sell 10 million copies.

bloop910d ago

AC 2 is still the best for me. I didn't care for any of the other characters as much as Ezio. And the ending of AC 2 was excellent. I can't understand why Ubi keeps taking things out of the game too. I used to love laying down a bare handed smack down, and being able to steal enemies weapons and then kill them with it. Throwing dirt in their faces. Picking up anything like a sweeping brush and using that as a weapon!! Then there's the free running. Taking out the ability to jump on the spot and being able to traverse different directions as you're running up a wall by holding a different direction and tapping the A/X button. why the hell have they taken out so much stuff since the first 2?!?!

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Takwin910d ago

They will NEVER kill it off.

Because, money.

Signed, shareholders.

*drops mic*

moldybread910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

it's the same thing with most popular ip's. as long as consumers buy them they will keep making them. less risk than a new ip.

JasonKCK910d ago


More like put it in a long coma"

Couldn't have said that better myself. I like Assassins Creed, but would like to see it go away for a while. I would like UBI to go back to the PS2/Xbox era Prince of Persia.

DEEBO911d ago

I Don't know,yesterday i was play some unity co-op and it was so fun to kill shit with three other people.

The guards didn't know what hit them.

EcoSos3911d ago

Not kill but release it every other year not yearly, that way they may get people who lost interest in it to come back.

The7Reaper910d ago

How about no? maybe instead of yearly wait 2 years to release one

Cernunnos910d ago

They should sell the IP to a company that actually cares about delivering quality games.

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