The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - “Precious Cargo” Quest in Glorious 60fps

A new video for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt surfaced today, featuring a quest from the prologue, where Geralt helps a merchant retrieve a mysterious box from the swamps.

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Genuine-User1099d ago

How about we get some Xbox one or Playstation footage for a change?
I don't understand why they would upload a nigh 10 minute video of the PC version on the official Xbox channel.

vishmarx1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

because they paid money to market the game?
ms needs witcher associated to xbox and not necessarily pc since that where their profits lie


as would everyone else.
but unlike gamers, ms would like to avoid all comparisons like the plague.
do you think people are okay not being shown this game running on ps4 ever?
for what its worth though gamespots-1st video of their current witcher series shows a brief few seconds of each console version side by side

Genuine-User1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

I would be most content with some ACTUAL Xbox One footage. I hope that video is somewhat indicative of how it will look on current-gen.
And I agree, I have know of their partnership since E3 last year.

Genuine-User1099d ago

I agree. The brief few seconds of current-gen of-screen footage looked good.

Seafort1099d ago

Microsoft can try to associate The Witcher series with Xbox all they want.

Everyone knows it's a PC series with PC developers creating the game. I hate it when MS tries to butt into a game series that they never supported until now.

They can fk off back to Halo or Forza or better yet create their own damn games for once instead of trying to buy influence from 3rd party developers and platforms.

And before anyone says it the PC platform is not Microsofts they haven't supported it since the first Xbox was launched.

Fallen861099d ago

It is on xbox one.and it looks very good!!! Very good
Look when he open up the inventory!!!

thekhurg1099d ago

It's not on xbox one. It's on the PC with an xbox controller.

cpayne931099d ago

Lol kinda jumped the gun there.

Khajiit861099d ago

My PC must be an Xbox One then because I get Xbox button commands on all my games.

tuglu_pati1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Its PC probably on running on settings equivalent to the XBO, although is playing at 60 FPS, Consoles will play at 30. They haven't shown any footage on high or ultra settings I think.

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UKmilitia1099d ago

this is xb1 as far as i know

Allsystemgamer1099d ago

This is a 60fps video. The X1 is at 30fps that should be indication enough

sssb1099d ago

U right, every time we only see PC footage, this make me worried as ps4 owner, anyway i'll get pc and ps4 version to see by myself. insha allah.

Christopher1099d ago

Bit disingenuous to advertise a 60fps video on the Xbox channel since this is PC footage.

Having said that, kind of disappointed with the PC graphics. Wondering fi this is low/med settings and not ultra?

cmgs1099d ago

Uncompressed video looks much, much better. Witcher 3 and the colors it uses has a problem with youtube's color compression,probably because of the palette used and subtle differences that youtube just ignore and make them into one color.

LonDonE1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Agree with u 100% lmao at the dissagrees!
We all know pc gameplay will be great as long as said pc is good enogh, but what console gamers donk know is how good the game will look and perform on consoles.

Iam so tired of publishers/developers using souped up pc game play and cgi to show off and advertise their games! Its cheating, and everyone is at it.
Seriously the game is near launch and still no proper console footage? WTF? It makes me nervous!

Footage we have seen so far was stuttering allot and on digital foundry was shown to dip fps down to 19fps! yikes, i just want to see game play more akin to what i will see when i boot the game up.

What makes it worse is when they intentionally put pc game play on console channels/websites using the xbox controller to fool naive gamers into thinking its xbox footage.
At the very least developers should put up a disclaimer clearly stating the footage is pc.

Just whats the secret? Less then a month from release why are they not confident enough to show the potential millions of console gamers what the game looks and runs like?

I have a gut feeling it will require lots of patches to run smooth, day 1 patch an all.
Sadly todays sheeple gamers love these shoddy practices and instead of speaking up against it they choose to vote down vocal gamers for speaking up.

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PraxxtorCruel1099d ago

Woah! How many years have elapsed since Witcher 2? Geralt sure looks a lot older!

sevilha821099d ago

15 i belive,but i can be wrong...

dreamoner1099d ago

Where did you hear that?

It's 6 months after The Witcher 2. Just the beard makes him look older, plus devs wanted him to look older for story purposes.

sevilha821099d ago

Dreamoner# that´s why i stated that i might i´ve be wrong,i have i certain memory of an interview in where they stated the time lapse from the previous title and 15 came into my head but not for certain,ok then six months it is...

cpayne931099d ago

Which is wierd since witchers live for centuries.

sevilha821099d ago

that is correct in the books Geralt is 108 i belive.

Roccetarius1099d ago

Speaking of Geralt specifically, there seems to be conflicting information about his age. Some says he's over and some says he's under 100.

cpayne931099d ago

Vesimir is in this game, pretty sure he is at least 300.

fiveby91099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

@Genuine-User I believe it is X1 footage. Unless this is pc with xbox controller support? The beginning of the video shows the controller button prompts on the lower right. I was under the impression this game went 'gold'. Meaning no additional dev changes on what will ship in the box. Of course perhaps a few optimizations are still in the queue which will be delivered as a day 1 patch? But since I am playing this on pc I am glad to see the pc footage as well.

Two-Face1099d ago

Wow... just wooooow.

I'm actually baffled that some people can't tell it's 60 fps.

NoctisPendragon1099d ago

They can upscale the FPS of a video i think.

UKmilitia1099d ago

its only 60fps if u watch in chrome isnt it?

Seafort1099d ago

I played the Witcher 2 with Xbox controller on PC. So yes this will have Xbox controller support like most PC games.

Like others have said only the PC version will have 60fps the consoles are locked to 30fps.

It's the PC version from PC developers. Who would have thought? :P

fiveby91098d ago

Pretty misleading for MS to post PC footage on their XBox channel. Glad they will have native controller support for pc. That must be why I saw the button prompts early in the video.

Chaos_Raiden1099d ago

Can't wait to get this game. Thanks for the share.

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