Will Star Wars Battlefront actually look as good as that trailer?

In fairness, it does look like great, what with all that foliage and Hoth and Boba Fett flying around and waves of Stormtroopers and perfectly-composed CHICKEN WALKERS. The problem, as ever, is that the game will probably not look anything like that, nor probably play like it. (There doesn't appear to be a single instance of spawncamping, prone-diving, or noob-tubing in the entire thing, and everyone isn't always running for vehicles.)

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DarkOcelet1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

On PC, probably Yes. On consoles. I doubt that very much.

Neonridr1004d ago

yeah I have to agree. Now that being said, I do expect it to still look quite nice on the PS4 and Xbox One. But we all have to have our expectations in check here.

Transistor1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

This is the only gameplay screen available so far, showing First and Third person in split screen. Judge for yourself and stop with these articles. The screen is most likely from the PS4 version, since that's what they've been showing people behind closed doors.

Imo, it looks great as expected.

PraxxtorCruel1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )


Anyone expecting the gameplay to look like that trailer is going to be disappointed! You can expect plenty of 'downgrade' articles to pop up closer to release.

Neonridr1004d ago

@Transistor - the image still doesn't prove that this is from actual gameplay. Sure it shows a gun on the screen, but that's hardly conclusive. There are zero HUD elements or on screen information to give us any sort of indication that this is representative of a final build.

MurDocINC1004d ago

Your biggest worry should be frostbite crappy netcode. MP sucks when it comes down to draw of luck than skill.

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BecauseImBatman1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

I think in most cases people overestimate what these new console are capable of but in this case I think your under estimating what their capable of, the next gen console and PC games are quite comparable (the biggest differences are draw distance, framerate, AA, AF etc. usually all the visual/gameplay assets are pretty much the same) to be fair. They already said what they showed us on that reveal trailer is what the PS4 version looks like, now there is plenty of things that could change between now and launch of this game but I'm confident that Dice won't disappoint. I still think people need to keep in mind that trailer was all scripted etc. just using in engine assets plus beta testers who have actually played the game say in ain't far off what it actually looks like, so I'm not to worried.

Timesplitter141004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

It's kinda like the MKX reveal trailer :

This is in-engine, same as the Battlefront trailer. But it is so polished, scripted and arranged that is looks/feels nothing like the final game. I expect the same outcome from Battlefront

spacedelete1004d ago

why not wait instead of asking stupid questions. unless you find out yourself you can't trust these game companies.

morganfell1004d ago

Yes because waiting and letting these companies do what they want instead of being proactive is always better...

psplova1004d ago

Better question: How many times do the devs have to keep telling us that it will!? lol I know the animation and camera will be different, but the graphics alone will look the same! Get on board people! I'm excited!

corroios1004d ago

I dont think even an average PC can reach that kind of detail at 60 frames at high rez. Sorry, but it will take something on the level of a Titan GPU to play with everything max out.

No console gamer can ask for graphics like that from cheap machines with max 1.3 and 1.8 teraflofs. More, this is not an exclusive game!!!! it will be made for diferent platforms...

ServerBOT1004d ago

Maybe if it was in that cinematic widescreen aspect ratio, Probably so.

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