Splatoon’s Official Facebook Flooded By “Voicy” Gamers

Disgruntled fans have been letting Nintendo know exactly how they feel on the official Splatoon Facebook page as well as any Splatoon related post on Nintendo’s general Facebook page.

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iplay1up2966d ago

I dont so much mind , the no voice chat, but common Nintendo. The option can be turned off if the option is there. Personally when I play online I do like to be able to communocate, even if its just to say good job, etc.

LOL_WUT966d ago

I totally agree with you on this . Who cares if the Co-Director had a bad online experience he shouldn't ruin it for the rest of us.

If this game ends up being successful than the gamers are to blame for Nintendo's reluctance to change. Speak with your wallets ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman966d ago (Edited 966d ago )

Double-edged sword: if this game isn't successful, it might also further discourage Nintendo from making many more new IP's, let alone forming new teams just to make them, as they have with Splatoon.
We don't want that.

The smart middle ground is to support the game, but make such a huge stink about the flaws, on social media and especially Miiverse, that Nintendo eventually changes their minds and adds it in.

remixx116966d ago

Exactly, you can't build an online community without the ability to communicate, its just a bad decision. This game will be short lived if ymnintendo doesn't fix its fear of peer to peer interaction.

WombBat966d ago

Im skipping Splatoon. Im not going to reward them for a feature that is absolutely necessary. Plus this game will have no longevity without custom games lobby, and no voice chat.

Ill stick to my PS4 and Smash Bros

bobacdigital966d ago (Edited 966d ago )

I wish that Nintendo didnt ever have open voice chat (it rarely ever is good news in games I play like COD or CSGO), but private party chat. Their solution is very very simple... parent code the feature and only leave it open to people on your friends list.

It makes sense to not have open chat in game or by team because you always ALWAYS get people screaming nonstop or saying dumb things.. If you restrict it to your friends it solves all the issues people have with it.

Neonridr966d ago

yes but who's to say they can't change this in the future with an update?

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Big_Game_Hunters966d ago

Good. No voice chat is just dumb, Not even with friends.

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superchiller966d ago

Nintendo won't talk about it, but I think the reason for no voice chat in Splatoon is that they don't have the technical expertise to get it implemented. They've been far behind the curve in hardware for years, and they've also been very slow to learn how to make HD Era games. Plus of course, they're obsessed with making "family friendly" games, and afraid that adding voice chat to any of their games will damage that image.

LOL_WUT966d ago

Weird how people used Bayonetta 2 to prove the Wii U is a mature console only for this to prove otherwise.

If they want to protect the players thats fine but at least make it an OPTION for others to mute people. ;)

CaptainN966d ago

Voice chat doesnt make anything MATURE....its just an additional feature that improves enjoyability in a game. This doesnt discredit Wii U as a mature console, it just proves Nintendo makes assanine decisions !!

wonderfulmonkeyman966d ago

They've already talked about why it isn't included.
You're just drawing dumb conclusions from fantasies.

Dunban67966d ago

Do you believe the real reason a multi billion corp decided not to include the OPTION for anyone to use voice chat because one of their developers had a bad experience?

Most of the time Nintendo does not even TRY to sound credible when giving excuses for their unpopular decisions- We may never know the real reason but it probably has to do with cost -

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory966d ago

Nope. They do talk about it. The gamepad has a waypoint feature for teammates. The gamepad is the reason for no voice chat.

marloc_x966d ago

Don't have the technical expertise!?
L,O and L.

Metallox966d ago

Technical expertise...

Of course not. And even if they didn't, a multi billionary company has the resources to teach their employees how to bring voice chat to this kind of software.

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-Foxtrot966d ago

Then let people turn it off at the start of the match.

I did it all the time with Uncharted 2.

Match finds players, people pick map, select mute all and I'm on my way

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