Could the Apple Watch become one of gaming's Galapagos Islands?

I am not sure about the Apple Watch - which, when a single object costs as much as this does, means that I am sure that I am not going to buy one any time soon. Early reviews suggest that this a device you need to actually create a new gap in your life for: you must find a way to love the various strange things it is good at, and forgive all the things it's not so brilliant with. Go deeper and things get weird. The Apple Watch protects you from the tyranny of your own phone, apparently. That is nice to hear. Maybe something will come along in a few years that will protect you from the tyranny of your own watch, too. Maybe your phone and your watch will start to gang up on you. Maybe a turf war will race all the way from your pocket and up your arm, headed for the ear where Apple products will start to crawl inside your head and clamp painlessly onto your limbic system.

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