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The term ‘zombie’, as of late, is sometimes met with an eye roll of two when mention of another game involving the undead comes around. While it probably can be argued that there is an overabundance of these games in the market right now, a major complaint could be that one game doesn’t do anything different than the other. Fortunately, developer Undead Labs went the extra mile in gameplay for State of Decay.

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DarkOcelet1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

State of Decay was a 9/10 game for me on the X360. Dont know why the score is lowered that much for basically the same game.

WellyUK1160d ago

They don't seem to have a review for the original version so maybe the reviewer just isn't a fan.

Personally loved it for the price of it, will probably pick this version up though even if it is pretty much the same game.

mryams1160d ago

The reviewer does state that they never played the original and came into it new.