Get Arkham Knight on PS4/XO for as little as £32.50

Dealspwn: It's about time you got that Batman: Arkham Knight preorder sorted isn't it? How about a PS4 or Xbox One preorder for £32.50?

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bggriffiths1158d ago

Can't see it going cheaper than that before launch tbh. But then again, I've been tempted to play through the first two again just before Knight arrives. By the time I've got around to doing that it may have been out a while and even cheaper. I should try and finish Origins too, but then again, I'm playing these things to have fun. Origins does not do 'fun'. Except for double-ended grappling hooks and exploding canisters that is.

Blues Cowboy1158d ago

Agreed, surely this will be the cheapest console price. PC version will get a discount, mind.

Minute Man 7211158d ago

I gotta preorder the statue collector's edition today. June 23rd will be here before we know it